Number of women playing video games on the rise

More and more ladies are picking up the game controller. A recent study says the number of female gamers is up significantly.

Looking around at the Gamerz Funk in Taylorsville, I only saw one girl at the time, and she was just checking her MySpace page. But she's been known to play too. She said, "Sometimes I come over here and play with my friends on 'Demigod' (a multi-player fighting game)."

She started playing about a month ago and now says she comes in once a week to play. She also dabbles with "World of Warcraft" from time to time.

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ShadowMantis3474d ago

OMG,WTF. This isn't new,girls have been playing for years.I've been playing video games since I was 4.This article stupid.

Socomer 19793474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

there are alot of women on psn.
i find them in socom, zen pinball, poker, home, cod4 & killzone 2.

whats even cooler is that ps3 gamers dont treat them any different either. they are comfortable. even in home the boys have calmed down with the ladies and harrass them for ten seconds instead of ten hours.