IncGamers: Hysteria Hospital Review [Wii]

IncGamers' James Chalmers dons a nurse's outfit and shows us his life saving skills in Hysteria Hospital.

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thetamer3471d ago

Oh my goodness. Only a two?!

Fyzzu3471d ago

Sounds like it deserves it. I can only imagine how soul-crushing this must've been if you were expecting Theme Hospital.

jakethesnake3471d ago

For real. They tried to make it look like theme hospital, but it isn't anything close. I was tempted to download the demo for the PC, but after reading about the game for 30 seconds I realized it would be awful and ran the other way.
I don't doubt that it deserves the 2!

greengamer3471d ago

oh dear, not a very good game. like many the visual comparison to Theme Hospital got me excited but I'm glad I have read the reviews to realise its nothing more than rubbish

The Obvious3471d ago

This is not one of the best games ever made.