WoW's Druids Up For Another Make-Over?

Blizzard developer Ghostcrawler has hinted that Druids will once again be the attention of World of Warcraft's art department in the coming months, and even speculated which forms will likely be up for a re-vamp.

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thetamer3472d ago

Enough with the WoW stories Blizzard. If you're going to do something, just do it.

Dorjan3472d ago

No suprise that they will continue to do them all.

Maticus3472d ago

The sea lion one is bloody awful, always said so. Saying that, the tree form could do with some TLC.

Redrudy3472d ago

The luxury of having lots of money to polish, polish and polish a game.

Malfurion3472d ago

Brilliant news, though I'm interested to see what they'll do with the travel form. It's not that often people use it, and it's not that bad.

Having said that, any update is good!

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