Darkest of Days - A Time Travelling FPS

First person shooters are an extremely popular genre and not a day goes by without hearing of the next one that will grace our consoles in the coming months but sometimes one creeps up on you and you wonder how you manage to avoid hearing about it. In this case its an FPS from Phantom EFX and independent game development studio 8monkey Labs titled Darkest of Days and the game utilises their own proprietary game engine aptly called Marmoset which has been in development for 3 years. Marmoset will allow 8monkey labs to support large numbers of active characters on screen, in game levels that are up to 4 square miles in size all densely populated with trees, bushes and weeds and an AI that is able to drive behaviors for hundreds of characters simultaneously whilst maintaining fantastic detail for one-on-one encounters with the player.

As for the story of Darkest Days well it is set at the end of The Battle for Little Big Horn and players will take on the role of the main character Alexander Morris a foot soldier of General Custer. Everything is going well but just as the battle takes a turn for the worse a futuristic time agent warps in to save Morris and transports him to the future where he is told that time travel is now a reality.

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