Nokia and Sony Ericsson report grim results

Quarterly revenues down 25% for Finnish giant; Sony Ericsson handset sales down 43%

Two of the biggest mobile phone firms foolish enough not to have invented the iPhone have delivered very bad news this morning, with both Nokia and Sony Ericsson suffering declines in sales and revenues.

Nokia has posted revenues of 9.9 billion Euros for Q2'09, down 25 per cent year-on-year, but up seven per cent from Q1. The company has also cut its H2'09 operating profit margin forecast for its handset unit to 11.3 per cent from 13-19 per cent previously.

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Trollimite3477d ago

crikt. they have phone plans for 35 bucks a month!!!

how is this video games related?

raztad3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Not related in any way. Maybe was posted because Sony and losses appear in this article?


lol dont you know a sony loss = front page news on n4g?

Shadow Flare3477d ago

Its their own fault though. Sony and nokia have been on the phone market for how long? Apple comes along and their first phone blows everything out the water. And now sony and nokia are playing catch up. Its their fault for being so slow and not realising that potential in the market. They deserve it

rockleex3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

PSP2 should be the PSPhone.

touch screen
dual analog sticks

Can't really think right now. >_<
I'm sure a lot of you can think up some more stuff for PSP2/PSPhone.

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aryan_irani3477d ago

gee i wonder why nokia's sales revenue has decreased over the past few weeks. nokia selling the islamic republic regime of iran software and devices to track down signals of cell phones to find and capture innocent iranian civilians trying to let their voices be heard. shame on you nokia and serves u right

phalanx_mark3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

actually Nokia Siemens provide this technology to any country its part of their package. The way the media presented it made it look like nokia designed it especially for ahmadinejad.
This spying service is available globally unfortunately to any government democracy or otherwise.

Jhun3477d ago

Ericssons have always been crap, Nokias on the other hand have always been making good phones, they're just lacking a revolutionary OS like Andriod.

Nokia+Andriod FTW.

PirateThom3477d ago

My next phone is going to be a Nokia. The N97.

Jhun3477d ago

I was considering the N97 vs HTC hero (buying unlocked)

But N97's outdated Symbian platform and resistive touch screen turned me down.

Andriod will be next gen IMO, its everything good about the iPhone OS but better, open sourced, and Google, what can I say...