Tales of Vesperia: PS3/360 demo showdown

Digital Foundry writes:

"Playable demos are often the first chance we get to check out gaming performance before the full retail or review code is made available to us. In the vast majority of cases, demos are actually produced after the final game has been submitted for evaluation to the platform holder, and it's very rare indeed that there are any palpable differences between the sampler and the "real thing" in terms of pure performance.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at Tales of Vesperia, the demo of which has recently found its way onto PSN... analysed by MazingerDUDE. Curiously, the actual content of the demo is very different to what Xbox 360 owners got in their download, but there are several differences and similarities that can be discerned. Tales of Vesperia runs at 30FPS in the field sections, while the battle sections run at a crisp 60FPS on both systems. Similarly each version is v-synced, with no tearing."

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ptotoy3471d ago

zero credibility

"Yup, a it's sub-HD detail level resolved"

no proof-reading? negative credibility