Dyack: Single platform future is 'inevitable'

Speaking today at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack has boldly claimed that a single platform future for the video games industry is inevitable.

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VMAN_013476d ago

I can see this guy is still whacked outta his brains!

SL1M DADDY3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Like I would trust information from a guy who developed Too Human... NOT!

Anybody that tells you there is a one platform future is simply trying to sell you on something and not making any sense. Get rid of all competition? Yeah right. This guy wishes that were true. Then his flop of a game would have actually succeeded.

Mr_Bun3476d ago

I'm sure ALL developers wish this were true, but the video game industry is too big for anyone to stop competing.

Bnet3433476d ago

lol some people liked Too Human.

DeadlyFire3476d ago

He is right though. 1 platform will rule them all. The Server datacenter platform. If everything jumps onto the Cloud platform in say 10 years then it will all be on one platform. The PC Datacenter. Server centers will be top gaming platform. :0

Mr_Bun3476d ago

I liked Too what?

njr3476d ago

What he's really trying to say: His sh*tty games on the only platform will sell even if it sucks.

I have to disagree.

gaffyh3476d ago

This guy is an idiot, he took over 10 years to make 1 game and it was crap.

likedamaster3476d ago

It could very well happen.

ABizzel13476d ago

I agree that a one console future is coming just not next gen. Maybe the one after at the earliest. I think it's inevitable, because consoles are becoming to much alike, the only thing you can do to differentiate your system is to develop something like full motion controls or the cell which cost so much to develop that it won't make any sense to go that route. The one console is something every gamer should be happy for. Everyone gets to play every game, no exclusives deals, one synchronized network (unless they block it by regions), and so much more.

But with good there is always some negatives. Basically 2 of the companies will be put out of the gaming business, unless something like OnLive outs all 3 out. But again this is for a one console so who should it be that makes this one console. My vote is for this to happen. Sony needs to make the hardware, while Microsoft makes the network and everything will be all good (Sorry Nintendo your a publisher now). The PS3 is the best example of a multimedia box it can do EVERYTHING. Games, Blu ray, internet, install other OS, digital downloads, pics, movies, and so much more (360 is more of a digital media box), and that's what I expect the next consoles to be multimedia boxes.

But getting back to my point, I hope a one console future does come and again I want a PS360 to be that console, so Sony and MS work together to beat the shizzle out of Nintendo, and make the PS360 every PS3 and 360 fanboys dream.

N4g_null3476d ago

The cloud platform is nice but I'd rather have the hardware at home. I mean if a company goes out of business I can still play their games. That will not happen with cloud gaming and also gaming would turn into cable tv which is good and bad.

This guy also gave a talk about how video games are the eight art. I wanted to believe this also but the game people are making these days are a let down to such a grand idea. Too many people in the industry only know how to spin things rather than make them stick from an art thesis back ground.

We will get their though he also doesn't understand why game play is so big and why interactive movies would be lame. This is why I think certain guys like this need to splinter off from gaming and stop piggy backing it and junking it up with such BS. Stories are great but no one is good at telling them in the industry yet let along interactive ones. People keep forgetting a good story is a by product of good game play. I mean really if you have a good chess match you could use your imagination to wrap a story around it. I think most people don't understand that the story is and will always be a by product rather than the main focus due to a number of reasons. Movies cost $5-$10 games cost almost $70 now. Also no one sells one copy of a game for private use.

Hey I think it is time for people like this to wake up. If it wasn't for separation all of the gaming companies would be going down the toilet this year. The industry would have collapsed. Also their is one console already it's called the PC MS pretty much owns that also.

One console only benefits those who want to turn game development into a place where they just get to keep wasting money rather than make good products. He has money and if he wants to do this get some like minds together and go at it. He is chasing his next gimmick rather than perfecting his art.

Real Gambler3476d ago

3 platforms = competition, which mean manufacturers are keeping the price of their consoles very low (one of them is still selling below manufacturing cost while the other two have very low margin).

1 platform = no competition. A game console that would cost $250 to manufacture would likely sell for $500. A console that would cost $500 to manufacture would likely sell for $1000.

On the other side, cost of games would likely go down. But I suspect by no more than $10... So you would need to buy 50 games before you get even.

Thank you, but I would rather have competition!

ABizzel13476d ago

@ above,

Everything we say is skepticism. We've never had one console (since multiple consoles have been) so we can't say what will happen. I highly doubt, if a one console future does happen, that we'll end up with a Wii costing the price of a launch PS3.

I'm sure that if a one console future does happen developers will have MUCH more say in what they want out of the system rather than the company(ies)that make it since all developers will be focusing on this console and PC.

Hildor_muthafo3476d ago

an EPIC FAIL. Seriously, Denise you let me down so hard with Too Human. 4 player coop? nope, DLC? Nope... F your life.

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Mr_Bun3476d ago

If anything, we have more platforms than ever

TOO PAWNED3476d ago

I want this to happen, i just want to play great games. I don't want to buy 360 just to play Gears, Splintercell and Alan Wake.
Also i want fanboys to go away i am fed up with that juvenile crap. I am talking about fanboys in the industry giving biased opinion on certain games just cuz they are on system that they dislike *cough PS3*.

I hope it comes true, going back to Dyack my man....can't make good game to save his life...


Jinxstar3476d ago

If it ever were to happen it would be PC. We need them for work and otherwise so it would be the end all eventually if it happened. I can see in the far distant future it happening like 2060 or something but not right now. When we start "Jacking in" or what not...

TOO PAWNED3476d ago

nope! PC won't e that one single "platform". It is going to be console version. Developers want one stable hardware, to know specs so that everyone can have same experience AND it is easier, faster to make games.
Reason why so many gamers migrated from PC to Xbox and xbox 360 is because they were tired of having to upgrade hardware very often, and they have same if not better online experience on 360.

Jinxstar3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Wow dude. Really? That is a super biased thing to say. I mean really? have you played for example any of the valve games on PC and then the 360? The difference is night and day man and you really don't need a very high end PC anymore... I know what you mean about upgrading but truth is were really are approaching a ceiling here soon. Look back 20 years and compare games from then to games of today and you can see we can only get "so much more" realistic before everything either looks like Pixar or fully realistic down to every vein in a human body being visible... It's coming very fast and within the next 20 years I can't see how they could get better apart from adding in the other senses besides sight and sound. Heat/cold/smell/feel and other things are coming up soon to be the next big step and you can see this. By the time we max out everything PC parts will become cheap and you wont need a Super super super PC to play them. So like I said "Eventually" the only thing you will need is a PC. With Digital distribution and think about onlive type services where you can jack in and play with true feeling and everything. I doubt we will see it or if we do it wont be that cool by then but one day the PC will be all you need. Don't get me wrong I am a console fan right now. I think they are the better choice of the 2 (Even though I have a decent PC to play about anything out right now). If ever in the distant future people would want one place to go it would be the PC. Because we all have one and price wont always be super high especially as we reach the "Ceiling" as I like to call it.

Edit: Dude you seriously think that MS is the only company out there don't you.

N4g_null3476d ago

Laptop have already reach this point. You can get one at the price of a PS3 with more ram and a screen LOL. For $700 you can get a core 2 duo and about 4 gigs of ram and even a blu ray player O0o0o0o0o0o0o0oo!.

Then on top of that you can put more ram in it and get a new video card a lot of times.

Laptops are driving PC sales right now from what I'm hearing and the larrabee is just going to make things even better and on top of this all it is fully backward compatible and free of most console taxes.

If any thing console are becoming more like PCs even with the different configurations. It's just done in a less smart manner. Please don't take offense to this but how old are you and what do you have against PC gaming other than price?

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divideby03476d ago

He will never be the same after he released the game I waited for for such a long time and it winded up being utter trash. Than he tried to defend it and got buried alive.

DARK WITNESS3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

ya, good old Dyack, he really is not the same man anymore... all those snow gobblings. he is still dreaming about his one console future.

Too human had potential. i mean some aspects of the story i thought were quite cool. lets hope some serious changes are in order for part 2.

If MS have any sense they will force him to use their new engine, i mean like putting a gun to his head "use it ! "

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