Thompson Calls for FBI Investigation of Kotaku

Apparently Kotaku has unhinged Jack.

After Kotaku dissected Jack Thompson's latest appearance on national television trying to connect the tragedy at Virginia Tech with video games, the attorney started emailing them... again.

First Jack tried to tie them to allegations that a 14-year-old made a threat against the University of California Berkley campus by emailing one of the sergeants of the campus police. After speaking with the sergeant actually handling the investigation (not the one Jack emailed) Kotaku was told that there was nothing to worry about.

Next Jack asked Kotaku to remove their analysis of his misstatements on national television and when they politely declined Jack faxed the FBI in Colorado:

"Dear FBI:

This web site at the below url is targeting me:

I ask that something be done by the FBI to stop this or prosecute it..."

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Torch4198d ago

Holy 'pot calling the kettle black', Batman!

Hey, Jack: Prosecute THIS, you miserable waste of body organs.

(Please feel free to interpret "THIS" as you see fit.)

WTF4198d ago

This guy never gets bored.He needs a new hobby.

DeadlyFire4197d ago

How about Gaming!!! Someone give Jack Thompson a Wii. LoL

XxZxX4198d ago

WOW Kotaku got themselves into this mess. Satire won't work well with this Jack, if anything defamation, you can be sure he will sued until he died. Yup that man is that free. It is best to ignore him rather than insulting him, after all we got our life to move on, we dont have time for his stupid law suit like he do. Poor Kotaku..

Firewire4198d ago

This is perfect, now everyone will believe us when we say this guy is a looney tune! (like they didn't already)

Jack say hello to a padded cell, and your new boyfriend a 300lb axe wielding murderer that loves GTA!
Have fun, u wackjob!

scarlett_rg4198d ago

I find it highly unlikely that Jack Thompson actually wrote what they claim to be in the so-called "fax".

He's a freakin' lawyer. That "fax" seemed to be written by a 4th grader.

Make no mistake about it, the guy is still a COMPLETE tool!... but as said, I highly doubt he actually wrote that.

I think this is just some sort of stunt to get more hits on that article / website.

Loopy4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

How do you come to the conclusion that lawyer JT writes better than a 4th grader?

scarlett_rg4198d ago

Lol, good point. But actually...

I watched his TV interview posted a while back, and he has the same silver tongue that most other lawyers possess. Plus I read the letter he sent to VA Police (also posted a while back).

The fax isn't consistent with language used in either of those two items.

That's why this whole "FBI fax" thing seems fishy to me.

Anyway, I'm off to "train" on Far Cry. =P

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The story is too old to be commented.