New Devil May Cry 4 Screenshots

New screenshots of Devil May Cry 4 from the latest video.

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Bonsai12144197d ago

looking good.. though i'm not too hot on the devil hand feature though

The_Firestarter4197d ago

Embrace the new concept. It's quite interesting, just thing about it. You can do a stinger 5x in a row by stabbing the demon, then pulling them back in for another and another. Sounds pretty sweet to me. ^__^

ThaGeNeCySt4197d ago

i love the .net framework engine this game (as well as Lost Planet & Dead Rising) is running on

The_Firestarter4197d ago

These screens are so delicious! I'm SO HAPPY that 1. Dante is playable and 2. the frost demons are back! Those demons are so hardcore. >,<

PS3n3604197d ago

I hate games with stupidly huge swords that leave trails of light everywhere. Is the entire gaming community 5 years old? Gimme some gritty realistic stuff and dont bring a knife to a gun fight.

[email protected]4197d ago

Sweet* Dante's playable. Thanks 4 the link.