PlayStation Home Store Updates Around the World - 16th July

If you're not too busy playing Buzz! or checking out the new Fight Night 4 space in Home, head on over to the shopping mall for all these new items available!


New US Stores have been added including animated T-Shirts! Sorry, we missed them before. US Home has loads more content than we initially thought including a full costume store.

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StalkingSilence3472d ago

Are these original picture collages in the article? Really nice feature, I'm not sure how you all do it. Looks like it takes a lot of time.

cubehouse3472d ago

I put them together each week :)
Takes me a while, but it's useful. I have images of every US & EU Home item in the "Home Catalogue" I made also on the same site.
Thanks :)

ChozenWoan3472d ago

Nice work!

Lots of content for the US but still no Demon's Souls gear. I want Ma armor! lol

Chubear3472d ago

The Medieval Knights costume and the Samurai one are so awesome. I'll be getting those soon enough. Some nice free clothing content this week too.

Chubear3472d ago

get the medieval Knights Armour. That looks like it's straight out of Demon Souls.

Maddens Raiders3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I wanna sport a Mobius 1 flight suit.

rockleex3472d ago

Btw, there are people on my friends list who are ALWAYS in Home. They barely play any games. The few games they play are social games like Little Big Planet.

They also spend money like its nothing on Home clothes, apartments, etc.

Maddens Raiders3471d ago

I have those kind of friends in my friends list as well. HOME addicts.

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Socomer 19793472d ago

is the socom store open yet?

cubehouse3472d ago

The Socom items are available in Threads for US users (for some reason, the Socom store is still empty)

Chubear3472d ago

Yeah it seems it'll open back up later when more new content comes to the HOME Threads store then they'll tranfer SOCOM content to SOCOM HOME space.

Dudes, go check out the Namco theater space. You'll get a glimpse of how outrageously awesome Grand Turismo HOME space is going to be.

ShadowMantis3472d ago

OMG LOOK AT THOSE PANTS!Nah,but its good they're updating.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3472d ago

I am so curious on the profits Sony is generated through HOME, large or small. Everytime I visit Im seeing more avatars with mall purchases. If only Sony could create a personal trophy room for showcasing trophies in a 3d environment. I would actually admit I would purchase a type of space.
Cool post cubehouse. keep up the good work.

Chubear3472d ago

The 3D trophy room is coming and it's free. You dont' have to pay a cent for that.

So far I've only spent about 10bucks on HOME DLC but there's so much I eyeing on getting now but I'm just waiting on that KILLZONE2 HOME space and apartment before stocking up :P I got 30bucks reserved for my HOME DLC.

I can easily see me spending $50-100 every year on HOME DLC, easy.

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