Natural Motion's Backbreaker Is About To Redefine Your Football Experience

ZoKnowsGaming writes "Chances are you have never heard of Natural Motion (NM), but trust me you have seen and played on their game engines. The most prominent of those is Euphoria, the driving force behind such huge titles as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Grand Theft Auto 4. But Natural Motion isn't happy with just making the engines that run some of the best games around, now they want to make the games and that's where their first attempt of it comes from in Backbreaker. We also sit down and chat with Backbreaker's Associate Producer, Rob Donald about what made Natural Motion decide to do their own IP and we found out why no release date has been set,"it will be ready when its ready" according to Donald."

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ape0073474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

the euphoria engine is really a something of beauty,hope more games use it

really the next step in physics,true nextgen

thatruth20063474d ago

Euphoria is sick. The article goes into a good amount of detail about it without making your head hurt and there was a lot of info in there I didn't know. The whole Dynamic Motion Synthesis thing blows my mind though and that was a good interview with the associate producer of Backbreaker.

ape0073474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I really REALLY want more games to have it,it add a whole new layer for games and it's getting better(gta 4 was only the beggining),better performance,more uses

thatruth20063474d ago

Those guys at NM get it, I mean the whole its ready when its ready thing is something I wish more developers would say. They want to make it right. Euphoria is way ahead of its time and once developers really start understanding what it can do and leveraging it man its going to completely revolutionize gaming.

koston36473474d ago

that was awesome improvements should be made to DMM too because the tech demo was incredible but star wars didnt really show it off

thatruth20063474d ago

I think that Star Wars couldn't have definitely made more use of it. Certain games its every easy to see where its making crazy things possible but in a game like Star Wars it wasn't as obvious.