Is the PSN closing the gap on XBL?

2Old2Play writes: "In the last generation of consoles, I greatly preferred the Xbox. So much so I eventually gave a neighborhood kid my dusty PS2 in exchange for him mowing my yard for a summer. However, for me, the previous generation of gaming did not include online multiplayer gaming.

In the current generation, I patiently awaited the release of the PS3 before buying any next-gen console to see which console would better meet my preferences. I read every review and comparison article on the PS3 and the 360 I could get my hands on. The RROD issue almost convinced me to go with Sony. However, at the end of the day, Sony's ridiculous price point, the lack of top flight launch titles, and Dead Rising and Gears of War cinched it for me. I bought a 360 and got a Gold subscription to Xbox Live (XBL). I have never regretted my decision and have become used to the level of online service available on XBL."

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Hellsvacancy3474d ago

A Postive Ps3 article on N4g *passes out*

Blaze9293474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

here we go again. To answer that question, one must figure out just what this "gap" is in the first place. There seems to be alot of different opinions on this "gap"

JsonHenry3474d ago

There are a lot of positive PS3 articles on this site.

AridSpider3474d ago

whats with the lame question? It either is or it isnt. If you have to ask, it probably isnt if you can't tell by yourself.

Gamertags3474d ago

Most articles are positive on the PS3 when N4G is concerned. 99 percent of the articles are against MS and the 360.

So, is PSN catching up with Live....Well, it was never that far behind. Misses the mark on some spots but it is free. Free is good. Live is certainly worth the money though!

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

the question should be:

would you pay for the few things xbl patented, or would you rather get everything else not mentioned on psn 4 free?

think about it, had ms not patented them....they would be free features on PSN. If that were the case then we wouldnt be having this discussion in the first place, it would be more like:
"psn is free, is xbl worth it?".

you can eat what the media feeds you, or you can use facts to see a clearer picture.

@jasonhenry(and your 3 other accounts):

get used to it, ps3 is not going anywhere

coolirisGB3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

PSN inches its way to XBL status and Microsoft leaps a foot or two ahead, this is repeated again and again. I'm a PS3 fan just got the 360 and IMO PS3 fans are exaggerating PSN

Tito Jackson3474d ago

are you kidding me?
thats all i ever read on here are pro-sony, anti-ms articles on n4g.
infact the closet thing you can get to a pro-ms article, is when the NPD numbers come out, and you can see how much better ms is doing than sony. BUT the reason those articles are put out, is to rile up the fanboys. lol

to answer the article question in one short

Death3474d ago

This is not a positive PS3 article unless you consider a "gulf between XBL and the PSN remains as big as the Atlantic" as being a good thing. It's actually a well thought out and expressed article that compares the two online services. If you have never owned an Xbox 360 and played over Live, PSN is great. If you have though and know the differances it is actually pretty night and day.


coolirisGB3474d ago

He talks about Postive Ps3 articles because for the last "day or two" a few bad PS3 articles were posted here on N4G and because the 360 actually has positive news since E3.

Blogz4Fanboys3474d ago

another day, another blog on blogs4fanboys.

but i'll throw my bit word NO, psn doesn't match live. psn is good, but live is better end of story.

when you have both consoles, it's eay to formulate an unbiased non fanboy opinion.

ShabzS3474d ago

that "gap" they keep talking about is prefrence ... and only the 360 and ps3 owners can talk about it with no bias

ape0073474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

love both systems,im not biased

xbox live is better than psn

Im getting modern warfare 2 on 360,u say WHY,I say XBL,1 night playing mw with friends on xbl>>>>1 night playing mw on psn if you r lucky to join

I really regret buying world at war on ps3,u couldn't even join your friend session in progress,even in lbp and R2,it's clunky as hell,u can only join from a certain place,on 360 u can join immediatly from anywhere as well as accept invites from anywhere,it tells u put the game disk and just jump right into the action,Im not even gonna start talking about cross game chating ,party system and the amazing deep player status which sells the online experience like no other

xbox live is a complete unified online experience from A to Z

the article is 100% right

Redempteur3473d ago

there was never any gap between the Two services .. on that subject ...

XBL just had a head start ...

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JeffGUNZ3474d ago

hahahahahahahha you're adorable. You know when everyone always said "who the hell needs a party chat or cross-game chatting?!" Well I will tell you, for instance, I was playing Battlefield 1943 last night with my buddy and one of the glitches is squad chat breaking up or becoming mute. It happened to my friend and I last night, so I just sent him a party chat and poof, problem solved. What do you do if that happens when you're on the PSN. PSN is good for it's price, free. Xbox Live is in a world of it's own. You obviously don't have a 360 to make such an idiotic statement. I have seen even the most diehard PS3 users on this site admit that Live is the better of the 2.

ape0073474d ago

if xbl is really dead then what do u call psn??

1233603474d ago

in game chat is needed thats the psn shortfall but outside that its pretty much has the advantage over live.then theres the 32 player soon to be 256 player games withh dedicated servers and its free.its a no brainer not to own one, with the first party quality titles out and coming out from sony its going to get even better.been from the eu i,m just waiting on a movie service from sony there free vidzone is a great addition.its only its second year if you look at live at its second year it was no where near psn standards.then theres home which is growing every month i can,t see any think on the live close to far as the web browser goes psn owns live big time

pippoppow3474d ago

wehter you prefer one or the other they are close. I'll take the service that is free and also utilizes the most dedicated servers. Some may prefer more chat options but not I. PsN has games with 32/64/ and soon 256 player games. Not bad at all for a free service that only lacks unnecessary chat features, welcomed but not necessary. I can see why some people may prefer XBL if they are chatty types with a bunch of friends online who love Shooter games but even with that XBL should be free.

Sie3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

PSN has come a long way and i find if i'm playing on my own it's perfectly fine and i enjoy my game.

The problems arise when i try and get me and a few friends to play a game together, thats where XBL has the advantage. The party system and cross game chat is what PSN needs but for free who can complain.

I expect these extras from XBL as i am paying for it so it should be a better service and at the moment is, but not by much.

Johnny Rotten3474d ago

you make a good point and it's pretty much the reason why I don't pay for LIVE anymore.

My silver account still lets me use MSN, download demos and send messages to friends. The only thing a silver account cant do is play multiplayer/online with anybody and since most of my time is consumed with single player there's nothing to justify paying for a service when I have something similar for free on the PS3.

I still have a small stack of 48hr trial cards I pop in for a quick fix of Castle Crashers and Heavy Weapon but that's about it.

Bren863474d ago

Nope, the PSN still doesn't have anything on Xbox Live.

JD_Shadow3474d ago

I agree. I can't find a Sony-made game on XBLA ANYWHERE! Got real pissed because of it!

pixelsword3474d ago

That was funny, with a hint of cleverness.

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