Meet Mini Ninjas' Futo - he likes apples

PS3 Attitude writes:

"Check out Futo from Eidos' upcoming Mini-Ninjas.

Showing a lack of basic sword proficiency during his ninja training, Futo has reverted to wielding a hammer to get the job done. And if you make fun of him because of it - he'll likely give you a slap with it."

[Gameplay video added to article]

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jack_burt0n3473d ago

batman aa
and Uncharted 2

thats sep sorted

Brodiesan3473d ago

I was a little on the fence with Mini Ninjas but that video sold me.

Reminds me a little of Brave Fencer Musashi.

ChozenWoan3473d ago

kinda reminds me of a mix between I-Ninja and Mega Man... which is a very good combo if you ask me. =)