Project Natal launch games confirmed

OXM UK: Microsoft has confirmed that Project Natal will be treated like the launch of Xbox 360, with a portfolio of launch games.

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Mr_iClu7ch3474d ago

Hell Yeah -- Cant wait for those AAA Games with NATAL like MILO and RaRe Games!

Bring it!

SL1M DADDY3474d ago

So a portfolio of games is confirmed but then they don't tell us what titles they are or what games they might be like? Throw me a friggin' bone here!

Pandemic3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

... Erm, sorry but Milo was using Smoke & Mirrors so looks like that won't be an AAA title. :P

Bnet3433474d ago

Throw slim daddy a bone. woof woof.

JeffGUNZ3474d ago

Milo was NEVER suppose to be a game. Milo was just a tech demo showing people what Natal will be capable of doing. Expect that kind of Milo interaction in future RPG's, especially Fable, if the dude from Lionhead is behind it. If they use this technology in RPG's than kiss Mass Effect 3 for the PS3 goodbye, because that kind of personal interaction would innovate the face of RPGs. You were suppose to think outside of the box for that presentation, of what project natal will be capable of doing when it gets released.

SL1M DADDY3474d ago

Where are my sharks with fricking lazar beams strapped to their heads!?

Wait! Natal Sharks featuring lazar beams strapped to their heads? Maybe?

Mindboggle3474d ago

Yes it will be a very big launch, and Sony has to counter it. As i know ill be getting a 360 around the time of Natal, unless Sony do something amazing, and i feel i dont need to buy one.

Shadow Flare3474d ago

"AAA games like milo..."

LMAO. Its not even real, it was scripted. It really shows the level of intelligence of someone if they watched the molynox demo of milo and think thats what they'll be getting on the 360 lol.

"hi milo! Have you done your homework today?" To have interaction like that is complete artificial intelligence and you are a complete fool if you think 360 can do that

SL1M DADDY3474d ago

That crap was just plain freaky. And what Xbox fanboy can truthfully say they look forward to chewing the fat with a freaky little kid like Milo? Seriously?

sak5003474d ago


Milo is no more a creep than the weird scary looking girl in Heavy rain.

sniper-squeak3474d ago

after all the promised mistakes PS3 and even Xbox have made, do you really think they would do such a thing again?

Milo is obviously going to live up to what it showed a E3.

cereal_killa3474d ago

Sorry but AAA and Rare don't belong in the same sentence.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

to me more important than 1 companies success, is that the companies push gaming to new heights and offer us experiences not previously available.

As long as gaming is pushed forwards, we all benefit.

phosphor1123474d ago

It will just use the same processing hardware...

Jaces3474d ago

Can't wait to see actual gameplay footage, but until then I'm skeptical about anything Natal.

a_squirrel3474d ago

Milo is awesome because I can talk to fake 10 year old boy! I DO have a life! Milo is real! LIAR

(a blind xbox fan)

3473d ago
coolirisGB3473d ago

I'm afraid to comment about Natal, I wan't to being a new 360 fan but all the PS3 only fans might abuse me.

This is nothing we didn't know already why would a company launch something of this scope with no way to use it.

SL1M DADDY3473d ago

I agree. That chick in the tech demo/audition was creepy. However, the chick from the game itself is not nearly as freaky. I do have to ask however, would you rather talk to a freaky under-aged little boy or a mature freaky woman?

sak5003473d ago

Since my girlfriend is jealous type, i would rather talk to the freaky kid :D

Bleem3603473d ago

"It really shows the level of intelligence of someone if they watched the molynox demo"..

Yeah, just like the level of intelligence on display here when you can't even spell the guys name right.

..."of milo and think thats what they'll be getting on the 360"

You mean like all those peeps who thought Killzone 2 footage was real at it's first E3 showing?

It's not about the 'freaky' kid, nor any smoke and mirrors that goes on at these press events. For me, it's about the technology and what's driving Milo - talking to a 10 year old doesn't excite me, but having some nice tech to play around with sure does.

It won't be here for another year anyway so plenty of time for polish - in a way, very similar to the impressive changes we saw from Killzone 2 reveal to retail.

Fair and balanced?

nycredude3473d ago

Umm this needs to files under the Duh category. Did you think they was release a new peripheral without any software?

RockmanII73473d ago

Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Battletoads not good enough for you?

gamingisnotacrime3473d ago

Are u serious?
"Hell Yeah -- Cant wait for those AAA Games with NATAL like MILO and RaRe Games! "

I have no doubt Natal will have some big name great titles, but Milo? Rare games? u mean like B&K? All that is left of Rare is the name, the talent is rarely found. Milo is a weird Peter Molyneux phantasy.

Natal trully makes thing interesting in the 360 universe, only question is what is the target audience, casual? hardcore? both?

Sitris3473d ago

but i'm always on several times a day. I see both sides of the "fanboy" war. I'll admit i don't own a 360 but would like to. But things like Natal, are not going to entice me. I understand some people can find it great, but can those people please shed some light on what you honestly want to do with natal. How are you going to use it in Fable. do you want to walk around a town talking to your self, Maybe even repeating yourself if it can't understand you. What happens if there is people talking in the room next you. As i do have all the time. It seems like a good idea, but if it makes games forced to have it input, voice recognition is not accurate enough to play full on games.

Oh well there goes my rant, peace guys/gals

Be a gamer not a hater.

PSN ID: Sitris

lokiroo4203473d ago

Oh man cant wait for Cut the Cheese, Spank the Monkey, Glitch Out to debut with Natal, it will change teh games forevers!

LeonSKennedy4Life3473d ago

Is there anything to say to this comment but "lols"?

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Bleem3603474d ago

what a ridiculous headline "Project Natal launch games confirmed" - article has NO mention of any launch games. How can something that doesnt exist be 'confirmed'?

Better title would have been "Natal to have games at launch" - bit obvious really.

I've just had a ham sandwich - confirmed!


hakis863474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

This is the shortest and most dissapointing article on n4g ever=) There is no info what so ever, basiclly.

Who Approved this??

coolirisGB3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

"I see it as like the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005 - there will be a launch portfolio of games to support it,"

Why are you guys so scared of Natal?

Entire interview

Bleem3603473d ago

"Did you even read anything?" - Yes, the whole article

"Why are you guys so scared of Natal?" - Others may be, I certainly am not and am quite looking forward to it.

Exactly the point of my original post - I'm excited by Natal and really would like to know what games will be around at launch. The article title led me to understand I was going to find out what games they were by clicking on the story. I thought it might have said there would be 4 or 5 arcade titles supported by another 4 or 5 at retail - maybe even some mention of Forza, Halo or Fable Natal action.

Good interview, but the headline is VERY misleading.

coolirisGB3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I will not read your fanboy rant but I will say if Microsoft reveals they have games planned for Natals launch that's confirmation . I know PS3 fans wan't to know what they are when they say so, so they have time to bash them. You guys should know by now Microsoft will share info when the company is good and ready.

Bleem3603473d ago

I was agreeing with you - you should have read it.

coolirisGB3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I did not read it because your first post and my reply are not even close to agreement. Your logic couldn't be anymore flawed. You don't know what exIsts for Natal also that doesn't make sense when you say it can't be confirmed because you don't think there are games in development. It's confirmed because Microsoft said that's how they will launch Natal regardless of what you think when talking about your belief of games in or not in development. The divice will be launching with games it's that simple. I guess the rules are not the same for Microsoft.

shadow27973473d ago

Coolirus, stop making yourself look foolish and just read what he wrote. Bleem360 is not a PS3 fanboy. He's excited to know what games he can expect to play when Natal launches like any normal gamer would.

Geez, defensive much? Paranoia FTL.

coolirisGB3473d ago

I got a disagree in my reply because I mentioned what he said made no sense as if he did not read or understand the article. Confirmation of a launch lineup for Natal is what was said. There was no mention of a list revealing each game so why was the Title stupid?

That's fanboy logic saying they have to show the games for a launch lineup to be confirmed. The only people that are paranoid are PS3 fanboys that's why there are more of then in here than 360 fans. I don't know why you guys get so defensive over Natal

nycredude3473d ago


Seriously quit it now before you make a fool of yourself. You are getting disagrees cause you sound exactly like a fanb0y that you are accusing others of, meanwhile bleem was just agreeing with you.

coolirisGB3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Make a fool of myself? pay attention. How can you not find Bleems comment strange.

"You are getting disagrees cause you sound exactly like a fanb0y" No its because this story is almost at 800 degrees because of people that "sound exactly like" PS3 fanboys getting more agrees than disagrees in the 360 zone.

" nycredude - 2 hours ago

1.8 -
It's confirmed the xbox is going the way of the Wii, and all of a sudden motion control is great for consoles. Unbelievable."

Are you getting disagree because you sound like a trolling fanboy?

nycredude3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )


What part of my comment there is fanboyish. Natal does make it more just like the Wii and so will the ps3 motion controller make the Ps3 more like the Wii. Why don't you relax and take a chill pill and stop getting so defensive. What you own stock in the company or something? Geez calm down already.

And to think that Ps3 Fans don't also own, or maybe is contemplating owning a 360 is retarded. What, cause Ps3 fans have Ps3 they are not allowed to also own a 360, or they are not allowed to check out what the 360 might offer in the future? Who are you to judge and bash?

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PinkUni3474d ago

why wouldn't they have games at launch?

you're just gona buy it for no reason?


Foxgod3474d ago

past addon devices always came with dumb little mini games, instead of full console games (not counting guitar hero and stuff, cause those are not console specific addonds).

Natal will change that tradition, and will be the first addon device that will be treated like a console, and gets its own launch games, instead of mini games.

JonnyBigBoss3473d ago

Yeah, pretty obvious huh? Dumb article really... considering it didn't even have the game list.

Sitris3473d ago

What games do YOU want to see, i have yet to see ANY true games in playable form. Why are people eating it up. I will never want to have to stand up in my living room with my parents talking away and accidentally triggering a response in an RPG.

Please someone tell me how it will WORK in games.

Be a gamer not a hater

PSN ID: Sitris

Tarasque3474d ago

Mod's are tools...........

2FootYard3474d ago

Natal belongs in a dumpster.

JeffGUNZ3474d ago

says the guy who has not even seen the finished product, nor experimented with it or used it in any manner before. Yeah, your opinion sure means a lot. I guess we all should follow what you say.

Jesus people, don't shoot something down before you even used it. Anyone who makes up their mind before they actually interact or try something is a f*cking idiot.

danthaman153474d ago

'Natal belongs in a dumpster."

Translation: "It doesn't matter what it is. It's for the Xbox so we MUST hate it".

Try before you trash talk.