Sony developing PSEye facial recognition software

Some of the advantages boasted by Microsoft's Natal controller are already in the PSEye, Sony said today.

The firm has developed new facial recognition software for the PSEye camera which has been put together after many experiments by both the excellent SCEE R&D team and work with other developers.

The facial tech can see the position and direction of a player's head and can work out the gender and age of the face, and detects different parts of the face including nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, shape of the mouth - and even glasses.

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Nelson M3477d ago

We all Know you would have to Shoot your load all over your mom's Face to log on

Kill Crow3477d ago

saying that sony could do it all along and NATAL is nothing special are completely missing the point. This article is about upgrading the eye toy to do something that NATAL does - once again sony playing catch up to microsoft.

The point is, even IF the technology could do it all along, sony didn't. It's taken Microsoft to come along and steal E3 2009 for sony to realise it's behind again ....

PS3 always playing catch up.
Catch up on sales
catchup on PSN features
Catch up on games sales
Now catch up eye toy ....

Catch "a wake" up Sony droids ...

OmarJA3477d ago

Bots are in full denial & jealous mode today...

Cry me a river bots, why don't you go take some ballet dance lessons before Natal is released, eh?

Ven10003476d ago

You claim Sony is playing catchup because of what Natal can do. The fact of the matter is, Natal isn't even on the market yet. If anyone is playing catchup, it's MS.

Sony has been offering stuff that Natal showed at E3 way back in 2005 back on PS2. Example; remember the game MS showed at E3 where the guy is controlling the avatar and they're hitting balls back that are coming towards them? That's the same as Kinetic Wildfire on PS2 circa 2005.

So don't come with any BS that Natal is new and revolutionary. The fact of the matter is, Sony is already on their 2nd generation camera and have been offering these motion games for years. So not only are they offering things for the camera, when they come out with their new wands that will allow a 1:1 system, it will be even better.

LOL @ the Xbots who fell for the Natal smoke and mirrors....

Stryfeno23477d ago

And they say Sony is not worried?..Hahahaaaa Yeah right!

The Killer3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

now basically PSeye have almost the same capabilities as Natal but with higher install base and with motion controller.

wait and see MS producing a controller just like ps3 motion controller.

in the end we gamers r the true winners, i just hope they wont be expansive.

bubble me guys if u agree.

gaffyh3477d ago

The main advantages of Natal over the PSEye are voice and facial recognition, so if the PSEye can already do it (which everyone with half a brain expected could be done through software) then again it shows that Natal is not revolutionary at all.

Shadow Flare3477d ago

Microsoft are going to make a controller to use with natal eventually. There alot of games out there that you just NEED a physical controller to play with. Cameras are also never totally accurate, and they get frustating to use sometimes. Thats why sony's camera + 1:1 controller will be the best out there

vhero3477d ago

I said this as soon as I saw the Natal. There is nothing it can do that the PSeye cannot do already with the correct software.

SIX3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Sony was doing this years ago

copy and pasted from a GAF forum


Lasts about 1 hour 20min (You might have to right click > save target as).

24:20 mins in: Wands. Tracks in 3D volume (including Z depth) with old PS2 eyetoy (no internal sensors in wands).

35:00 mins in: 2player network Magic fighting game

38:00 mins in: Colored balls, combination of vehicle and on-screen character.

52:20 mins in: Head tracking (with PS2 eyetoy).

59:00 mins in: 3DV camera. He shows of some internal demos (one in particular where he's bouncing balls down a corridor.. , matrix bullet dodging, butterflies, sculpting and more).

EDIT: Ok well minus the voice/face recognition, which it has now. Sony must be kicking themselves now because it seems as though they had the tech all along.

morganfell3477d ago

Except Natal isn't really doing voice recognition. It recognizes intonation, not dialog.

heroicjanitor3477d ago

I've still to see anything amazing from it. The milo thing was fake, and the ad was mkost likely fake too. Throwing paint at the wall and saying brown to get brown was a basic demonstration but it shows what they are aiming for at least. I hope that it is revolutionary because I hate seeing things get blown up by the media for no good reason.

SL1M DADDY3477d ago

But it's revolutionary! Right? No? Somebody tell the media.

Sony - "Natal? Been there done that."

TheReaper423477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

so does this mean the game "EYEdentify" will be releasing soon after?

3477d ago
3477d ago
thereapersson3477d ago

Grow up, Darx. Seriously....

heroicjanitor3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Have you seen any amazing real-time footage from natal? I probably wouldn't be so suspicious and would give them the benefit of the doubt if the milo footage wasn't faked, and if they had done anything amazing live instead of playing videos of what it could do while using it to throw paint...

Qui-Gon Jim3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

The z-cam that detects depth is something that Sony's system will not be able to do because it doesn't have the hardware. You guys are right, though, that most of what Natal does, especially the stuff that people seem most excited about, either can already be done by the PSEye, or can be done with software. All that and without the input lag that Natal appeared to have. Natal does have some neat possibilities, though, even if they are overstated by some people (and downplayed by others).

Edit @ below: yeah, you're right to an extent. PSEye can do most of the motion control stuff too, but Natal can do it better because of the z-cam. Once you add in Sony's "wands" you get a better motion controller as far as responsiveness and precision, but natal has some more possibilities there with full body. PSEye could do full body, but it would be extremely difficult for it to do any kind of depth detection, so it would work only for movement in the x-y plane. I've been saying since E3 that both systems have their benefits and will do different things very well.

poopsack3477d ago

3d is where the motion controller comes in.

darx3477d ago

Sorry dudes but own a PS3 (PSN tag PeepinAnAPoppin)

Qui-Gon Jim3477d ago

Owning a PS3 doesn't mean you're not acting like a fanboy. It's what you said that is making you look immature. It was crass and uncalled-for.

SL1M DADDY3477d ago

You own a PS3? Well good for you. Now stop acting like a spoiled child or worse, an Xbox Fanboy.

Boody-Bandit3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

After your previous post of "wow... you guys above love smelling Sony's scrotum." you think posting you own a PS3 makes it any less ignorant or childish?

When I hear people trash or make ignorant comments towards a console manufacturer or publisher on here then defend it by saying I own or have owned etc, etc... It reminds me of the oh no I'm not racist I have an ethnic friend.

WIIIS13477d ago

The scrotum comment was entirely appropriate imo. Crude, but appropriate.

How else better to describe a bunch of hypocrites who slammed Natal as a gimmick and then celebrate the Sony's desperate attempts to mimic Natal?

a_squirrel3477d ago

1 immature person can burn down a house

I wonder what 2 can....

Hey, Quigon Jerryperson

Your answer is there

Christopher3477d ago

Sony had facial recognition in February of 2008.

rockleex3476d ago

When viewing your photos in a slideshow, if there's a human face in the picture, the PS3 will slowly zoom into the face.

But it seems they have made it even more advanced for the PS Eye.

Qui-Gon Jim3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

You are right. I misread KnaveX's comment and so replied to the wrong statement. The PSEye can read the 3D location of the motion controller. I guess i was saying that the PSEye itself cannot read depth, which is true, it depends upon the use of the controller part, but i didn't say it very well and it may not have been a proper comparison. Let me say this: Natal is better with the possibilities it opens up, Sony's motion Controller is better with precision and responsiveness.

Rockleex, the way you describe that, it recognizes what a face is, but not necessarily WHO that face belongs to. I think it can actually organize pictures by person, so it does recognize people, but that's now how you described it. Splitting hairs, i know, but just wanted to clarify that.

uie4rhig3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

considering my laptop's built in camera (1.3mp) and the built in microphone can do both facial recognition (Key Lemon and Face API) and voice recognition (Dragon Naturally Speaking) i don't see why the PS3 Eye can't do it.. especially since the PS3 Eye is higher quality, does motion sensing, and has a 4-array microphone for noise cancellation and whatever not, i highly doubt its going to be hard for Sony to make voice and facial recognition.. The technology exists, they only need to improve it..

morganfell3476d ago

3D depth was one of the principle points that Sony brought out at the E3 demo and showed it live so you are wrong on that one. You can back and watch video for proof.

onanie3476d ago

One criticism of the original wiimote was the precision, and I think that would have been apparent (and frustrating) to the heavy users. Sony and even Nintendo have taken it to heart, and both have gone in the direction of improved precision. That alone will lend itself to more possibilities (previously limited by precision).

Natal appears to open possibilities in another direction (z-axis pun LOL), but one would hope that its inherent lag will not limit even those possibilities, in the way "precision" had limited the original wiimote.

ultimolu3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

But watch the media insist that it's revolutionary!

WIIIS1: I'm sorry but what? The PSEye was already doing the things 360 fanboys deemed "revolutionary". And...weren't you guys bashing the Wii for the same exact thing?

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topgeareasy3477d ago

A feature that is not needed