Sony motion controller is 'true interaction'

Sony this morning offered developers attending its coding keynote at the Develop Conference in Brighton more details on its new motion controller.

The device, which was unveiled at E3, uses a wand-like peripheral with built-in accelerometers and a coloured ball at one end which is tracked by the PSEye camera.

"It can track true 3D, whereever I move it will fully track on every axis," explained SCEE developer services boss Kish Hirani.

In a demo of the archery game shown at E3, SCEE's Colin Hughes explained more:

"We're not getting any lag, which we had with the camera-based stuff on PS3 before. It is very quick and responsive."

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THC CELL3472d ago

Project natal what lol

sony has it covered

anyone feel free to diss me all i can say

sony + years and years of hard work
owns any console to date

i bet sony has all ready tried the control less feature and no's deep down its not for gaming

Kill Crow3472d ago

This controller is going to put Sony along side the wii controller

well done sony ... Yaaaaay !!!!

Still leagues behind NATAL ....

ArcticWolfUK3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

stop hyping natal, its only gonna be a huge failure

its a overpriced dust collecting add-on

ChickeyCantor3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

The only worries Sony will have is to sell this product due the fact you need the Ps3-eye too. Sure the tech can be impressive but we all know for them to drill in a huge chunk of the existing audience, they will need a clever marketing plan.

Also they can talk about how impressive it is, but I would like to see a full fledged game. Also the controller looks like an alien type of gun xD.

JsonHenry3472d ago

While I am excited about the **possibilites** that Natal could bring to the table, I have more faith that Sony's motion control will probably have games that I want to play first. I wanna play an Oblivion like RPG where I fight in real time like that Sony E3 demo!

ChickeyCantor3472d ago

"I wanna play an Oblivion like RPG where I fight in real time like that Sony E3 demo!"

Aaaah reminds me of how people thought motion controls were ghey and "when they come from work" (LMAO?) they don't want to use energy but relax while playing a game. And now izzz all gooood.


I would love to see a game that is just crazy and mind bending.
Sure a game like Oblivion sounds good, but from Sony i would like to see some adventure game including weird worlds and new kinds of play mechanisms

heroicjanitor3472d ago

We all know sony is the master of marketing :|

And the demo from sony looked like wii sports.

If Sony takes this and runs with it I feel like they will make really good interactive games(might just be the same feeling I had before the wii came out though, which I was very disappointed with there aren't many good motion based games for it)

ChickeyCantor3472d ago


Honestly i can't tell if that sarcasm or not.

beavis4play3472d ago

i own a ps3 and have NO interest in sony motion control any more than wii or 360. again......if i want to get exercise, i will go into the REAL world and do REAL activities. i like gaming for the great storylines (UC2, ME2,ratchet:TOD/aCiT...for example) and to relax while playing. NOT to jump around and flail my arms in my house!

Johnny Rotten3472d ago

I agree with Bevis, heck I get upset at all the clutter collecting dust every time I look at my guitar hero/rock band toys. lol

ChickeyCantor3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

" .if i want to get exercise, i will go into the REAL world and do REAL activities. "

Yeah cause every game is meant to make you fit?
The example given above: Oblivion with realtime controls is not a sports or something that goes with the mentality you have to be active for your own sake, its a game that gives more immersion. Have fun slaying a monster in real life =D.

( and seriously the ' GO OUTSIDE AND DO A REAL ACTIVITY ' is as blunt as it gets. Games were never meant to stay with a joystick, else it never evolved to a gamepad, and now motion controls ).

But sure if thats the way you roll.

"You are saying people are hypocrites for giving sony/microsoft motion control a chance, but they aren't"

No im saying its ironic. If you read back to all the comments, lots of people said its for morons because you have to wave your arms and stuff like that. Sure not every did it, but im just going by what was said allot.

heroicjanitor3472d ago

You are saying people are hypocrites for giving sony/microsoft motion control a chance, but they aren't. I gave the wii loads of chances and I'll do the same for Sony's motion control and probably microsoft's if I get a 360.

himdeel3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

...they'd bundle the PSeye and motion controller together for less than $70. They'd include in this bundle a PSN voucher for at least 50%-75% off the total cost of one of the first PSeye+motion games. The voucher should only be usable on the games section of PSN but not restricted to only motion controller games. They HAVE to make certain they have games ready to be released on PSN at or immediately before the release of the bundle or motion controller.

They will have the motion controller separate for those who already have a PSeye but should still include a voucher but for at least 25%-50% off motion games.

Either way the eye needs to be priced in that sweet spot price wise. Not too close to $100 and not too much above the price of a new game release $60. It needs to have some applications that are free to use straight out of the box like it's addition to the XMB and some fun freeware.

N4g_null3472d ago

If we judge the internet based on this sample from NG4 you will see no matter how good the tool or controller is the audience bought their systems for some thing totally different.

Just like the eye of judgment this thing is going to get ignored so badly. Every one with high hopes will be pretty disappointed once again because they want VR games and the same graphical level as their current games with the same interface. I mean really if the motion controls catch on in the HD system I see a lot of people leaving gaming on the HD side of things.

You guys just don't like it because you would have to practice at being good at games again. With dual analog at least you can spam stuff but with a good motion controller you can not you need to be precise.

I don't know about sony yet I hope intel bails them out or buy a part of them or some thing. Thanks to the gamer they attracted they are in a very hard place right now.

rockleex3472d ago

That have the full keynote from the Develop Conference?

I hate reading just little snippets from an entire keynote.

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San Frandisco3472d ago


the only thing i wish they could of done is call it something more creative insted of the obvious "ps3 motion controller".

other then that,Project failtal can suck PMC's D!ck.

Kill Crow3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

your pink ice-cream dildo !!!


IcyJoker1873472d ago

that wasnt even what the the final product looks like, you can make fun of how it looks but cant deny how good it is i mean the LIVE emo speaked for itself natal's live demo- well we all know what happened, i saw how the avatar spazzed out when he tried to show you the foot

SL1M DADDY3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Oh dear, Sony had camera-based motion controls before? Somebody better inform the press and media outlets that this visual motion capture thing has been done before... Yeah, when it's Natal, it's revolutionary but when you look back, at no other time was the same attempts called this and why is that? Oh yeah, the North American Media loves MS for being a north american company. Heaven forbid they commend a Japanese company for having done this before. lol

poopsack3472d ago

shh, dont let em know..

Pennywise3472d ago

Keep it down Sl1M... You are going to upset some people. MS did it first!

SL1M DADDY3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

If this site let me type in smaller text I would have. I would hate to be the one that squashed all the Natal Hype the media is spewing. lol

N4g_null3472d ago

Yeah they had it before and it sucked at best. No developer wanted to use it. It was also not letting us do full body recognition and you still have to use the silly globe.

The best game was eye of judgment and I'm betting you have not even played it. Well because it sort of sucked and it was easy to cheat. I hoping you guys actually spread the word and get people to buy this motion control stuff from sony rather fight xbox fanboys because MS has the money to out out ads for their stuff and sony just lost how much money two year str8.

Another thing is you have to ask why where they getting lag before? Will you have to buy an upgraded cam? What is going to do the work or calculations if the cam does not do it? Will such a thing dumb down games like killzone 2 and GOW because they may have to share cycles to figure out what the player is doing?

I just want to let you guys know there have been many many motion controller on the PC most of them where pretty good yet they all sucked because no one supported them.... where are the announced games!

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Random4043472d ago

Developers wanting to make a game for the motion controller need a PSPEye - and prototypes of the actual hardware is available from SCEE account managers, but are in limited quantities at the moment. Studios will have to get whitelisted by Sony and discuss their ideas with them before the prototypes become more freely available

If you have to apply to get a prototype of this controller and MS has already sent out natal dev kits to developers how are they going to release the PSM in the spring of 2010. At least according to Jack Trenton. Makes me think that project natal is much further along.

DJ3472d ago

Because there's a lot more PS3 developers than 360 developers, which means more demand on the PS3 side. And then there's the fact that it doesn't matter which technology (PS3 Motion Control or NATAL) is 'more mature'. What matters is which one is more polished and ready for actual gameplay implementation.

If E3 and the Jimmy Fallon Show presentations are any indication, Microsoft is proving that a camera from just one angle cannot accurately track z-depth movement, only x and y axis movement, something Sony discovered with the Eyetoy about 4 years ago.

If NATAL was accurate, it would have a great impact on gameplay. But as it stands, the PS3-mote is just more appealing.

N4g_null3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

First of all MS has way more developer backing it. They may not have the first party clout but I'm sure xbox dev kits far out number the PS3 ones. Devs like straight forward stuff you know, we sort of have to pay bills rather than make sony's went dream reality.

Not to sound like a natal fanboy but this tech comes from the z cam guys and it tracks z depth just fine, the problems you where seeing was based off of badly implemented inverse kinetics or bone rigging. Rag dolls are very easy to make but it is much much harder to make these thing move well in real time. I think people are taking years of professional studio tool work for granted LOL.

Another thing is do you know how it tracks z depth? I do but I'm just wonder if you do?

Seriously so far the natal is superior camera tech and on top of that it can and will support multiple controllers and GASP gloves. The funny thing is MS just has a weird way of showing stuff off.

It's almost like they show people a neutered version just to get the competition thinking they can win and then throw all of this other stuff at you. These controllers are going to be crazy expensive though. I'm also not sure what impact they could possibly make right now so late in the game.

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