Microsoft: Natal isn't the only new hardware coming for Xbox

OXM UK: Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer has said gamers will see new hardware solutions coming to Xbox 360, as well as Project Natal.

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Gamer_Politics3475d ago

MS is really coming out strong with its game division even though alot of people like to hate...

JhawkFootball063475d ago

Im wondering what it can be, guess we will have to wait

Shadow Flare3475d ago

Sony's been pushing just as hard, if not harder with exclusive games and other things like pseye, home and psn, yet apparently the media brands them the biggest failure since too human. Then microsoft pops out natal, which does nothing pseye can't do, but its instantly an epic win for microsoft.

N4PS3G3475d ago

@Shadow Flare

Natal does nothing the PSeye can't do?

oh boy you are delusional ;)

Greywulf3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I can see where hes coming from. Turn the history books back here on n4g and you'll see a very interesting trend from the 360 fanbase talking about motion controls. Not only were they a gimmick, for the Wii. But even with Eyepet demoing doing 1:1 hand/3d world interaction it was still a gimmick for the PS3. 6axis and any motion control period was a gimmick. The exact same history books will show you that the 360 is a hardcore console only for gaming and.. "if I wanted to watch movies, I'd buy a ps3" etc yadda yadda about how consoles are for gaming when it comes to the 360, and thats why it doesn't need a browser.(enter motion controls,netflix,facebook,twit ter)

I'm not shocked that Motion controls is the hot button for MS. They can't do anything else outside of 32x-ise the 360's hardware. Its technical limitations are obvious and growing more so by the day. Its a page from Sega's book.A cluttered entertainment center with the next big 360 attachment.

The 360 can't compete with the PS3's hardware/specifications/exclus ive title quality/1st party developers. Sure the multiplatforms still look ages behind Uncharted2, and the gap between ps3 titles and non-ps3 titles is getting bigger as well. The 360 is doing well, but not to the point of possibly extincting the PS3 or Wii for that matter. The only thing the 360 has over the PS3 is the pricetag. The fact that both the 360 and PS3 can live in the wake of the Wii is a testament to what sales truly mean this generation. Not much. I'm shocked that the same community thats been bashing everything not gaming related, is pretending they are in love with hitting an object on a screen via camera, when it was thrown under the bus when Sony/others already did it.

People are willing to say that Natal is more advanced than Eyepet, when Eyepet already does damn near 95% of what Natal does and not in concept form, yet 1 is still a complete gimmick, and Natal is the "way we are going to play games in the future." with no evidence of this at all but a staged demo that yet again... eyepet could do.

You're just taking MS's word that its going to change the future of gaming. Its a motion controller concept.

freeblue3475d ago

is now the standard even for arcade version.

Nineball21123475d ago

I bet it'll be an extra large HD, like a 1T or something.

They want to move to digital distribution and offering a HD like that would help accommodate that. However, I think it'll be WAY overpriced like their other accessories.

iChaos Amongus3475d ago

haha Can't wait to see what MS is cooking up.

nycredude3475d ago

It's confirmed the xbox is going the way of the Wii, and all of a sudden motion control is great for consoles. Unbelievable.

phalanx_mark3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

i would not be too surprised if the hardware is an extra peripheral for natal as in a wand type thing.

darthv723475d ago

you know they been working on one since before the ps3 rumors. Now which one will come out first. The one who comes out first gets all the bragging rights while the runner up is deemed a follower...copy-cat.

Dareaver13475d ago

look at all the speculations and trolls.

@Grey.... Now you have to admit it. You appear to be trolling 360 news. There is no denying it now. You bash Forza and now a 360 article stating that Natal isn't the only new hardware.

Just so you can say that the hardware limitations are becoming more apparent of said console.

I guess you haven't seen how much hardware there is out for the Wii.

You sound intelligent, and make some sensible arguments. But all you do is bash the 360, and it's in response to fanboys bashing the 360.

A PS3 fan was the person to compare PSeye and Natal. You do one better and bring in eyepet.

I think i pegged you wrong. You are trolling 360 related news. You are a PS3 fan/fanboy (you pick) and you come into 360 news just to say PS3 is better and did it first.

This is just a sad waste of time for me to be responding to your comments. When there is such clear bias. I mean, was it MS bashing PSeye, or is it because the Media is responding more favorably to MS's tech then Sony's. And you want to come in and bash 360 news articles for that. Grow up, just because everyone doesn't see your vision of what's better doesn't mean you should go and chase down people who think differently and try and force them to see it your way. In essence, that's what you are doing. You think the Sony tech is better, and just because the media doesn't readily agree with you, your going to go into 360 related articles that have nothing to do with PS3 or Sony, and try and convince the fans, in their own article, to see things your way. It's not going to happen.

If you want to talk about the Playstation Eye and EyePet, then find some articles that talk about them and post till your fingers bleed. Just because you can say something, doesn't necessarily mean you should. Meaning you think the PS3 stuff is better, doesn't mean you should find 360 articles to express your opinions. Wouldn't it be better to just talk about it amongst people who think the same way you do. You would garner much more praise. And you should take your fellow PS3 fans/fanboys (again you pick) with you.

Whatever, i don't care. I thought you weren't one of those.... But clearly i was mistaken. And as such, i won't see your comments anymore, and you won't have to worry about seeing me respond to them. What a letdown. Good Day Sir....

Kaneda3475d ago

let guess something has to do with fitness.. XFit? that you can stand on?

Jaces3475d ago

Hardware no RROD?

edhe3475d ago

Sony is notorious for interesting hardware, but not the software.

MS has the vision and ability to make something like an eyetoy actually worth a damn.

Thugbot1873475d ago

@Shadow Flare and Greywulf – Natal isn’t a concept; it’s an actual working piece of technology, it does exist and works as demoed at E3. It was also demoed last year at CES2008 the technology was owned by 3DV and called the zcam, expected to retail for about 60 bucks. Microsoft has since improved on the technology and bought a few other companies to improve it, like voice recognition (Tellme Networks Inc.). Notice they also picked up Wii mote hacker Johny Chung Lee (one of the world’s top experts on gesture interfaces). Then all the other software that’s added into this really sets it apart. Natal is really so much more than the EyeToy.

Maybe you two can grasp this. Microsoft is trying to enhance interface with computers. Controllers, mouse, keyboard have been around forever and its really limiting Microsoft in the OS market and not really evolving computers. Microsoft is trying to create a new way to interface and interact with your computer and game console; this will give Microsoft a boost in the OS market giving Windows the next generation of interaction. You won’t be confined to a keyboard and Mouse. They are taking a play from Sony with BLURAY and using the 360 to push this. Don’t get me wrong games will get a big boost from this because this it will start a new style of games just like the iPhone and motion sensor.

I know many of you guys love to hate Microsoft, but understand it is a vast company that actually talks to its inner parts and has tons of technology and software they can leverage. All this talk lately about OnLive OTOY Gaikai, cloud computing; Microsoft has the software and severs that does this stuff now… I would doubt this is what they were talking about when they said games on demand.

RealtorMDandDC3474d ago

"MS is really coming out strong with its game division"..........FAILED

The only strengths I can c is Splinter Cell.........Halo is the most OVERRATED FPS in the history of FPS.......never would I purchase another Halo game...period end........

What else does MS has that is so strong in it's game division???

-Alan Wake......??!!??
-Halo.....Over hyped over market crap feast............
-Mass Defect???!!????..........Hated this game overrated glitches feast with horrid controls....and $$$$ty you may c this on PS3
-L4D2.........OMFG....woow I cannot believe this game gets that much love...played best it's ok....Graphics are HORRID.......sound is HORRID......animation is HORRID.......and this is a premium 360 title...WTF
-Forza 3......GT5...wat else can I say
-Splinter Cell......will be on the PS3 eventually........

Did I miss anything??!!??

Thugbot1873474d ago

@carsstarsandgames -

Pronunciation: \ˈō-vər-ˌrāt\
Function: transitive verb
Date: 1610
: to rate, value, or estimate too highly <overrates his importance to the team>

I think you need to do a refresher before you talk, Halo Sales, pre release party lines, Xbox Live stats as one of the most played games ever. You may hate it but Halo is loved by many. Did you miss anything yes an IQ above 90.

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iNFAMOUZ13475d ago

I have to agree with you gamer
the sony fans are just not accepting the fact that 360 is a force to be reckoned with

and just about have the cell crap in their a$$e$.
cell this cell that..more like cell-OUT!

what people dont seem to understand is..ps1 and ps2 ruled for two generations of gaming..
and they like to think ps3 will follow suit..
doesn't always work that way.

..a new king emerges from the playground ;)

N4PS3G3475d ago

exactly..things change

Everything need to be taken for consideration: Timing,price,competition etc etc

Ps1 & Ps2 ruled the world..and people expected the ps3 to fallow no means i'm saying the ps3 is a failure or something like that but things easy as that

Shadow Flare3475d ago

So are you talking JUST about sales, or hardware/software quality?

heroicjanitor3475d ago

I only have a ps3 and a wii but I know the 360 is really fun too, since a few of my friends have one. I'm thinking about getting one since I want to play left 4 dead with them instead of on the pc, and because it has a lot of games I would like(fable star ocean etc) but I do think the ps3 offers more overall and would prefer it to conquer the playground

Since when do playgrounds have kings lol, it's a funny thought I'd love to see a 10 year old issue orders to take over a different playground and then the kids say they aren't playing any more XD

N4PS3G3475d ago

Everything...the ps3 library will never be as strong as the ps1 or ps2 library.

why? PS1 and ps2 had full support from almost everyone ..besides of not having competition. Now most of their biggest exclusive in those times are multiplat and devs don't need to be 100% loyal to them like Square-Enix for example or Rockstar.

that's just talking software wise.. and sales wise...well know the deal

Shadow Flare3475d ago

So what you're saying is, ps3 is no longer the king because of the studios its "lost", but 360 is now king with its 2 in-house studios?

Gamer_Politics3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

he's saying that that sony no longer has the advantages of all those exclusive third party games with ps3 like it did with its past consoles..and those loses are making things harder for them

iChaos Amongus3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

"So are you talking JUST about sales, or hardware/software quality? "

Hes talking about everything, why wouldn't he be? Extreme Sony fanboys act like because Sony PS3 got 3-4 good Exclusives now...that Xbox 360 doesn't still have 300 more games than PS3. More AAA games...more DLC, more AA games. Comments like that are for someone trying to defend something. PS3 is still the console with less games and its a fact. PS3 doesn't have "more quality games", it has less. It has 4 AAA games.

SiLeNt KNighT3475d ago

by 'king' i hope you mean the wii. xbox is far from king of anything but heat distribution. kings are as follows... 8 bit og Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sony PS1, Sony PS2, Nintendo Wii (so far). MS did take some market share but is nowhere close to being a king of any generation. they only have higher sales than the PS3 at this point because the 360 was released a year earlier, otherwise its in last place in date to date sales.

we have a hd dvd add on, a hard drive add on, a motion controller add on, and another one just announced. someone said it earlier, but this sounds a little too much like the sega genesis. while a decent system the add ons and lack of exclusives killed it. Microsoft is on the same route. sega was good at software and thats all they make now...hmmm...

Dareaver13475d ago

way to copy Grey there. Is that plagiarism....

Anyways, the Wii still has far more hardware addons then 360.

And like you said, they are in the lead. So are they any less similar to Sega. Because remember, they are actually winning, which was the opposite of Sega.

See how that logic doesn't work, and that you should think twice about regurgitating something someone else wrote.

The Wii is in the lead, and many people forget that. But MS and Sony have had their own battle, and i believe that is the one many of these guys are referring to.

SiLeNt KNighT3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

i dont know what to tell you, great minds think alike. i dont see your copy paste comparison but if it helps you prove your 'point' then by all means try for the spin. i dont think its called plagiarism though, more of an opinion. i wouldnt expect you to know the difference though being that you take anything MS says as fact. the 360 is in last place in date to date sales, not admitting to that fact is pathetically hilarious. not only that but with consumers purchasing multiple 360 because the first and second ones didnt work anymore doubled the numbers. the 360 gets beat 4-1 by the wii each month and the 360 is considered the king in your eyes? wow, i never understood what type of moron would buy 360 after 360 after every rrod but reading your gibberish makes me understand a little more. now a last ditch effort to copy the wii and squeeze what little sales they can out of the 360 with motion controls and this is the greatest thing since sliced bread? or should i say the greatest thing since the wii AND the ps3 already had motion controls. your cheerleader like enthusiasm for a lame rip off product is questionable

Dareaver13474d ago

Did you even read what i said.

That's the problem with not reading someones response.

Tell me, find where i said the 360 is the king. Ooops, i never said that.

Find where i didn't say the Wii is in first place. Ooops, i conceded to that.

Find where I'm blatantly just supporting MS. Never did that.

See, you didn't read my response. You talk big, but said nothing.

And for kicks, let's see:

"They can't do anything else outside of 32x-ise the 360's hardware. Its technical limitations are obvious and growing more so by the day. Its a page from Sega's book.A cluttered entertainment center with the next big 360 attachment."----- Grey

"we have a hd dvd add on, a hard drive add on, a motion controller add on, and another one just announced. someone said it earlier, but this sounds a little too much like the sega genesis."----- Silent

Not exactly verbatem, but you get the gist. But now i see what you to are doing. He agrees with you and you then turn around and regurgitate the bull he spewed. Ummm, it's not that great minds think alike, it's just that Trolls stick together.

I will admit this though. You aren't as big of a troll as Grey though. So, no offense. But you said the same thing he did, and it doesn't make any sense. The console with the most addons right now is the Wii, and they are in the lead. So i don't get what you are saying. You should becareful with whom you agree with. And take note of their intentions. Grey is completely trolling 360 related news, you don't seem to do the same thing.

So the troll thing i take back. I don't think you are one. But Grey definitely is.

As to your response, i don't think you realized it, but i didn't say or infer most of what you accused me of. And a word to the wise, that whole buying multiple consoles thing to pump sales numbers. Sounds a lil fanboyish.

I had RROD with my first 360, sent it in for free, got a refurbed one back, and then i upgraded to the elite. Now that's two sales right there, but that's just me upgrading. The same for someone who had a 40gig PS3 but when they saved up enough money, upgrades to the 80gig PS3 for the BC. Maybe the just want to reduce the clutter of consoles, who knows why people do what they do.

But it's definitely fanboy logic to claim that many of the 360's numbers is inflated because people went out and bought backup systems. Imagine the cost. Why not buy both 360 and PS3 then. I know people who buy more then one system just for lan parties. But then again, those people work at the gamestop i go to.....

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Mr_iClu7ch3475d ago

LEts see what´s next after NATAL!

The Obvious3475d ago

Natal recognises movement.

Shadow Flare3475d ago

And it does that really well judging by the 'well bam! there it is' video

phalanx_mark3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

specifically natal tracks the movement of joints in a wireframe structure; as the human skeleton can be resolved roughly into a wireframe structure, a persons motions can be tracked and even predicted half way through a set motion. This is where the software layer present as an on chip solution comes in. At tracking the human body it is without peer however at tracking objects like peripherals the 30hz rate of the cameras puts it a disadvantage, it updates too slowly for precise lag free object tracking. It is a very elegant and promising technology ahead of its time but i feel but it can never replace a traditional controller - not without them releasing a wand of their own which is what i believe they will do, but this will be at more expense to consumers obviously

--joshua--3475d ago

They seem to want to stay in this business. You have to give them credit, even though they lost billions since they first started with the Xbox brand, they're still here trying. Any other company would have quit or went bankrupt. Being a dominant software company wanting to dip their toes in the hardware gaming market is finally starting to shine through. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're making it known that they are here to stay.