Bayonetta Demo, Live Action Model at Comic-Con

Sega has announced via release that their upcoming action title Bayonetta will be given the full treatment at this year's Comic-Con, including game demos, developer panel, a live action model and more.

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Timesplitter143474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I think Bayonetta is ugly as hell.

She's old, she's kinda chubby, her hairstyle is discusting, and she has spider legs.

rockleex3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I thought she was anorexic. O_o

Anyways, she's not exactly my type. But I can see why people would find her attractive... especially since she has that "naughty teacher" look and vibe.

But Trish looked super freaking hot in Devil May Cry 4. O_O
Especially when she was disguising herself. If only I was Dante...

xino3474d ago

no one should start farking saying Bayonetta demo will be on Xbox Live or PSN now.

interrergator3474d ago

hahahaha i just want a release date

SmokingMonkey3474d ago

I loved Viewtiful Joe so i will give bayo a chance, not a day1 but definitely a rental/must try.

Gen0ne3474d ago

... a demo release statement would be nice too.

Pheonix033474d ago

Always nice to know there's gonna be more Bayonetta goodness. I really want to hear the panel from Mari Shimazaki.

Heh, looks like Bayonetta is gonna be one of those hit or miss games. Which is to be expected from a game that's as stylish as Bayonetta.

Personally, it's my most anticipated game of the year.

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