Playstation Store Summer Sale Begins Today

Several Playstation Network games will go on sale later today on the Playstation Store.

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Dellis3470d ago

Sale?, its usually like 1 dollar off and stuff like that

guitarded773470d ago

PSn has been known to go half price before. If they did that might get me moving as I've been wanting to try Flock but I'm cheap.

crck3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

eh? I have never seen anything $1 off. Its usually 33% to 50% off. In which case I'll be picking up Savage Moon, Crash Commando and Wipeout HD. On the maybe list is Flock.

himdeel3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago ) the most or sometimes $10 off. This is how I got Siren. Usually was $39.99 got it for $29.99 during one of these sales. Games like Pixel Junk Eden that's usually $9.99 will go down to $7.99, $5.99, or even $4.99. I'd definitely get Eden this go around and maybe Brain Challenge of Savage Moon.

MAR-TYR-DOM3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

SONY!!!!! WHERE THE FCUK ARE MY PSN CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, what happened to... "Late June to Early July" for most canadian retailers. Non of the local ebgames have them and they gave my pre order money back.

mobius3873470d ago

if you watch the video linked in the article, it clearly says that PixelJunk Eden will be half off (i.e. $4.99), and WipEout HD will be available at a "special discounted price." it does not mention the price of the other games.

memots3470d ago

@ matyrdom - The card are available at Ebgames here in canada.
The store in my city (Richmond b.c) has had the card for a bit now.

TechWiz3470d ago

Why do you need to get a PSN card. Just get a pre-paid VISA card. I just did it last night to get Battlefield 1943.

cryymoar3470d ago

i'm guessing you're too young to get a credit or debit card,
but just give your parents or whoever like $20 and ask them if you could use their card to put $20 in your wallet, and just do the transaction while they watch just to make sure you're not splurging, lol.

how is that game? I want it too, but idk if it's any good.

goflyakite3470d ago

I live in Canada too and was getting pretty pissed, but I went to EB Games today and saw them. Try EB again if you haven't recently.

OT: I might buy PJ Eden, for $5 it almost a must for me.

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KillerPwned3470d ago

Great the one week i don`t got the extra money you suck sony lol.

Dogswithguns3470d ago

The on sale list is too small, not the games I wanted...

The Obvious3470d ago

When this happens, certain games will be cheaper to obtain from the Store.

kingme713470d ago

Flock was a fun demo. My kid loves it and has been bugging me to get the full game.

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The story is too old to be commented.