God Eater: New Screenshots has published a batch of screenshots from Namco Bandai's upcoming Monster Hunter killer - God Eater. Go check them out.

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Chris3993474d ago

Fantastic art direction and character design too.

Jinxstar3474d ago

I agree. One of the best I have seen on PSP for sure. I am stoked to see it in motion. Any movies you guys know of link me.

rockleex3474d ago

Something like this from Namco Bandai. O_O

Amazing. ^_^

2FootYard3474d ago

Can't imagine anything killing Monster Hunter.

RiceBoy3474d ago

blahhh... i was expecting more like a modern monster hunter, but to me it looks like another phantasy star -___-

not to hate on phantasy star, but i loved the game "before" i played monster hunter! =]