£54.99 Modern Warfare 2 to lead Xmas price hike

MCV: Activision has confirmed that the eagerly-awaited Modern Warfare 2 will carry a hefty RRP of £54.99 – and retailers have been warned that other publishers are likely to follow suit.

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Hellsvacancy3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

4 a game that took less than 2 years 2 make Activision can kiss my hairy arse (it aint hairy) - Its a rent 4 me anyway - i aint gonna suckered in2 payin £55

JsonHenry3477d ago

Mine is hairy, and they can certainly kiss/lick/caress - whatever - my ass.

I don't live in the UK, but I am tired of seeing my cousins punished time and again for doing nothing more than simply living in the UK.

vhero3477d ago

At a price like that your ASKING for people to get the pirate version instead dumbasses.

Perjoss3477d ago

I get a sneaky suspicion that they are using the same engine as the last game with maybe a few tweaks (MW2 gameplay footage looks less than staggering in the gfx department) which makes this kind of a slap in the face.

And yes, if they start getting too co.cky, then well, it does not seem all that hard to mod up a 360 these days for 'backup' games.

Chrisny853477d ago

half of the people who say activision can kiss their ass will buy the game.

so who kissing who's ass

im not happy when prices go up, but that's life.

kharma453477d ago

Just preorder from Argos, they're doing it for £36 delivered, best price I've found so far.

Use the code Game20 and it brings it down to a respectable price.

Sitdown3477d ago

you can say less than 2 can't not necessarily put a time frame on evolution, well in this case anyway.

BLuKhaos3477d ago

Sadly the Call of Duty Drones will gobble this up the a$$.

andron3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I will just get the reasonably priced games first and wait for a price drop. No way am I buying over priced games just because it's hyped. No matter how good the game is, that won't fly with me.

There are more than enough other regular priced games to carry me over...

CyberCam3477d ago

For me it's a rent... I was never planning on purchasing the game anyway. For those who really want the game (I don't know why?) just hit up for a reasonable priced game.

shocky163477d ago

And to think I thought the special edition would be around 60 quid. Guess not. Well stuff you Craptivision, you're not getting a cent off me!

MontyFontaine3477d ago

Bubble for you, for the UK support.

MiloGarret3476d ago

Wow, I REALLY feel like starting to pirate games on my 360 after this, it would be soooo easy...

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Mr_Showtime13477d ago

And they have the audacity to tell Sony to drop the price of the PS3? Get bent Activison.

shadowfish3477d ago

At 54.99 a game, you could not buy 4 games and build a computer more than capable of playing this game for at least half the price, free if pirated.

snaz273477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

cant believe they moaned at sony about pricing then put their own prices up! and make stupidly expesive periferal based games! please activision go xbox360 exclusive lol i think those customers like paying through the nose, ill pass tho thanks very much... to be honest i never bought any of their games anyway, im sick of cod, and modern warfare 2 is just them jumping on cod4 sales (i cant see why that game sold so well) and thinkin hmmmm we could make a killing here lol, well ill spend my money elsewhere, and give it to a more deserving developer.

raztad3477d ago

You'r right dude.

Activision can kiss you-know-what. Thanks God I'm not interested in any of its games including yet another twitchy FPS aka MW2. Happily skipping this one, bad luck for those interested they are up to be raped.

Multiplats I'm looking forward are Batman:AA (hope is good), Assassin's Creed 2, Borderland (is this still 2009?) and Dante's Inferno.

snaz273477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

cos non of their games interest me anyway, but now they are one of my most hated developers this gen, cos they sold loads of cod4 they think they can boss around companies then throw a hissy fit and say they might have to not support the company anymore, when they dont get their own way, its completely childish! and then to chaarge silly money for your own products? pfft well what can i say. and yeah batman might be good, tho im not so sure about assasins creed as the first got very repetative, tho it was fun at first, and i think everyone is scared this xmas, by thinkin its too overcrowded, their moving their games back till after christmas, but the problem is evryone has had the same idea and now its overcrowded after xmas!!! lmao but like someone above said kids will always buy cod4.5,its kinda like the halo phenomenon lol.

badz1493476d ago

I always was an Activision hater since their lack of support for the PSP (I know I can't blame them for trying to avoid any sort of loss or something) and it's nice to hear many more are now on the same bandwagon with hopefully many more to come!

this is not a personal sentiment towards them for the sake of Sony or what so ever but it's just a mere hate towards their stupid bragging and big-headed attitude nowadays! I also bought CoD4 because I thought that it was miles better from the previous and it's a great game! after that came [email protected] using the exact same engine with WW2 coating and now MW2 which is not looking that much better than the previous 2 yet they are boasting it like it's revolutionary and is currently at full speed trying to milk every single penny out of the series! they even warned retailers that other devs will follow suit! SCREW YOU Activision! since when were you elected as the leader of all publishers?? I sincerely hope no other publishers will support this practice and may MW2 flop HARD!! - along with all your other games that come with expensive propriety accessories!!

but it's sad because there will still be a lot out there which will volunteer to get raped by this new pricing but I'm not going to be one! I am already skipping MW2 and plus one more reason for me to do so! from now on, Activision will never ever get a cent from me no more! come on people! boycott this CRAP already!!

jay23477d ago

I'm NOT paying £55 for it, no way, I see a lot of torrenting going on here.

stridershoge3477d ago

I will also go as far as boycotting it, and I hope all gamers do the same. If we allow this then we are inviting other developers to start doing the same, it is bad enought they will be charging us for DLC's for the game.
Games are costly enough as it is despite having less content than games in previous gens.
It's still a rumour still but I just will not put it past activision.

II Necroplasm II3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

So I guess they are raising the price only in Europe?

KR1ST0F3R3477d ago

Absolutely no way I will pay that. How dare activision tell other companies to lower their prices while increasing their own. Just laughable.

I bet, other games will do well from this by lowering prices. Last Xmas tomb raider, fallout, prince of Persia, midnight club all sold relatively well as they were all widely available for £17 - £25 on the high street.