Zombpocalypse preview at UnNamedGaming

Parental Warning: This is a mature title, do not let children play this game or view the pics at the end of this preview. Thank you.

Hide the kiddies, lock and load the shotgun and kiss your butt goodbye because Zombpocalypse is available today for free (but please, if you enjoy it, why not make use of that handy donate button on the Zombpocalypse site or buy some apparel?).
These aren't the simpleton zombies that are in other games that have them, these Zombies will run you down like a rabid dog and eat more than just your lunch. Don't worry, you have plenty of weapons at your disposal to defend yourself including, but not limited to, shot guns and rocket launchers.

Stay tuned to for a review of Zombpocalypse coming soon.

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