Is Evony malware?

Does Evony put malware on your computer?

Users are reporting very suspicious problems and it would be very easy to do.

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Kakkoii3471d ago

I've never understood why people play these text based web games. They're so trivial.

Polluted3471d ago

I haven't played Evony myself, but from what I understand it isn't text based at all.

Max Power3471d ago

text games existed until I went to college and started hanging out at my future frat, and two of the brothers were addicted to text based games. I thought it was the most bizarre thing in the world.

Timesplitter143471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I love text-based empire games. They're pretty awesome when you get used to it.

I used to play 1000 A.D. like crazy. I've never tried Evony, though. I always thought it was some kind of browser MMO or something.

ry-guy3470d ago


I still play a test-based game (Ancient Anguish).

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Mr.Mister3471d ago

anybody play this game not even a review?
i know runescape is somewhat cool

adsaidler3471d ago

evony is crap, about this i'm certain

QUNE3471d ago

I love the pics some of these games use to get people to click on the banner.

f7897903470d ago

That's exactly why you never click on them.

starvinbull3471d ago

Anyone who fell for the boobies deserves malware.

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