Gran Turismo PSP Gameplay Footage of Ferrari Enzo

First look at one of the most anticipated new cars in the Gran Turismo series in action.

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shocky163477d ago

PD, you have outdone yourselves again!

N4realGMRZ3477d ago

By far and away the most impressive psp title to date! cant wait to get my hands on this also Forza 3 and then GT5, racers heaven and all very nicely space out in release date! perfect!

Ahmad-3477d ago

They made this game look like a55... I guess they were at it again by bashing a ps brand?

TK4213477d ago

Looks almost as good as Forza 3 in motion.

40cal3477d ago

That dose look really good. I still can't believe that PD got this running at 30fps on the PSP, crazy.

I've got this bad boy paid in full, just have to wait a few more months.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

LOL forza 3 got that disgusting porsche.

and the freaking psp gets the ENZO. WTF is wrong with that ?

psp, a handheld console?? enzo???wtf??? polyphony, i hope you get the buggatti.

why would they choose trucks and a porsche roadster over the enzo???

definitive racing game? seriously now, take 10.....just watch this video

rockleex3477d ago

Whenever I think of GT PSP, I think of the PSP Go.
Whenever I think of PSP Go, I think of GT PSP.

Its weird, but I think Sony may have done some subliminal messaging on me. They succeeded.

Me needs PSP Go. O_O

Maddens Raiders3477d ago

shyt right there. The handheld for grownups, clearly defined.


is the effin enzo. ive been wanting and waiting for pd to do a update for gt5p to drive that car. I want the enzo dammit. i love the 599gtb, f430 and gtr but i need this car.

ShadowRyuX3477d ago

they do both come out on October 1st don't they? that is probably why

SiLeNt KNighT3476d ago

remember fast and the furious when that dude is playing GT on the small tv in his car right before the first race? i think he was playing the same track too. and now we have it in a portable device with even better graphics. times are great. cant wait for this game!!

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Jamie Foxx3477d ago

hold best graphics crown for along time

UNCyrus3477d ago

those graphics are simply stunning...

Too bad the driver is TERRIBLE!

Montrealien3477d ago

um no,

GT portable is a day one buy for me, I have had every GT game since the first one and I know for a fact it does not. If you think it looks better then forza 3, it just means you are trolling. Outside in the real world, real people know whats up. What we are seeing here is what is looking to be an amazing portable gran turismo. Forza 3 is a great game coming out this fall based on a franchise that has grown very well in a few year and it blows this game out of the watter in the graphics department. With that said GT5 is an amazing looking game made by the pioneers of console racing sims and I will be getting it day 1, just like GT portable and Forza 3.

not being a gaming brand wh*re > you

GodGinrai3477d ago

lol.fanboy much?

all jokes aside this is game is the one that put a pspgo on my winter shopping list! it looks real polished.i want This metal gear and darkstalkers..still one the best 2d fighters ever. maybe ill try that monster hunter game everyone talks about the PSP back catolouge gonna be downloadable for the psp go? i would like to play some of the older psp games on it, like ridge racer and wipeout.

N4realGMRZ3477d ago

it dam impressive for a handheld but your just being silly wont go into details.....but it aint even close nor should anyone expect it to be considering its on a small screen..........but congrats to PD great job!

nycredude3477d ago

I don't what is more retarded. His comment. Or the fact that you guys actually took him seriously and responded. Or the fact he has 16 agrees and 2 disagrees.

Montrealien3477d ago


all of the above?

PS360PCROCKS3476d ago


well it's now at 28 agrees. It's comments and the amount of agrees that makes it obvious just how many PS fans run amok all over this site.

iPirates3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I'll have to say the fact that people responded. (The first being not so retarded because it was my comment of course, and all the agrees just being funny.)

I mean, I know comments on this site get pretty involved when it comes to baseless arguments and claims made by fanboys, but I mean c'mon - all the rest of the bitter users that seem to absolve themselves of any fanboyism are diving right in to the arguments!

They allow themselves to become insulted... and aggravated. Even over something that was so ridiculously intended to be a joke. These - anti fanboys - provide the much needed counter arguments to feed the fanboy fire.


So no ladies, PSP version of Gran Turismo will not look as good as Forza 3. I'll put my fanboy pride aside, and shed a tear while I admit my nefarious claim was... illegitimate.

Just as long as you put away your vaginas and laugh a little.

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ChozenWoan3477d ago

This is the definitive handheld racer of this generation!
This is the definitive handheld racer of this generation!
This is the definitive handheld racer of this generation!
This is the definitive handheld racer of this generation!
This is the definitive handheld racer of this generation!
This is the definitive handheld racer of this generation!

Any questions?

ThaGeNeCySt3477d ago

Is it the definitive handheld racer of this generation?

raztad3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

After watching these incredible visuals on PSP!!!, I easily can understand why Turn 10 keep repeating that phrase to themselves, they are very scare about how GT5 will look.

GT psp looks so good, I'm not a racer fan but those visuals make me want to get it, so crisp and fluid. Gorgeous!

Redempteur3477d ago

well i'm impressed . i still don't like the psp go yet but GT psp looks really good

wazzim3477d ago

Sick, looks a bit better than GT4.

Montrealien3477d ago

I agree, I cant wait to get my hands on this baby. gran turismo on the go!

N4realGMRZ3477d ago

Not sure if i can go off of a cam to tell u that it looks better than GT4 but it looks on par from what i saw here....which is saying alot considering this is a handheld!!!!

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