Call of Duty: World at War Update, Map Pack 2 arrive this week for PC

Treyarch has revealed the release date of the upcoming 1.5 update--and subsequently the Map Pack 2--for the PC version of their military FPS Call of Duty: World at War.

Fans should be pleased to hear that the new content will be available this very week.

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JsonHenry3473d ago

Yep, it is free! Probably would have been free on the Xbox/PS3 if Sony or MS had allowed it.

darkmurder3473d ago

Course, PC was always free and when MS and Sony started charging for DLC they didn't even dare try it on the PC market who always had it free (take a look at Games for Windows Live lol)

PainisCupcake3473d ago

Yep nice free map pack thanks! lol

BackDoorMoi3473d ago

wao, at last... can't wait!!! ;) and is FREEEEEE!!!!!