New Final Fantasy XIII Characters Detailed

The latest issue of Jump has some new information about Final Fantasy XIII.

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Cartesian3D3475d ago

final boxart? Iv never seen that before?! looks cool..

ALoneWolves3475d ago

Not final boxart :p

Fan boxart, not too sure why it was used as the image. Hell they haven't even shown the Japanese box art yet.

gamesmaster3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

thats looks like a mock-up of the American box art i believe, European is usually the plain white with the name and logo across the middle. but id expect the us cover to loook kind of like this.

on a side note. Where the hell is this game, i'm tired of waiting for this.

vhero3475d ago

They only just reporting these characters huh?? Thought they would of a long time ago since the game is nearly finished for the ps3 anyways..

Dragun6193475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I wonder, When Final Fantasy XIII releases in Japan will it beat Dragon Quest 9 Sales, Cause japan's game market hasn't been that great for Consoles, and it could explain why there's been a lack of jrpgs overall compared to last gen. Still waiting for Capcom to make a Breath of Fire for the consoles.

O and Vanille's weapon? A needle attached to a wire /Fishing Rod....pretty lame, unless if it was like KUNAI WIT CHAIN, Yea I said it. But I iguess ts not as lame as having Shiva as two Individuals and combine into a bike or having characters with names such as Snow, Vanille (sounds like a Porn name) and now a boy named Hope... lol, Creative aren't they.

Loxhart3475d ago

Hope has got to be the most womenly name ever given to a boy, eh his pose. SE fire the person who name this character now! Even worse than Snow.

dimitry213475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

the name HOPE for that
boy is soooooooooo wrong in so many levels

double_heist3475d ago

Isn't Hope more of a uh... girl's name?

First we get Snow, which isn't so bad but it's quite a softie name, then next we get Hope, which is like naming your son "Betty".

hay3475d ago

Damn, I totally forgot about this game...

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The story is too old to be commented.