AMD: Barcelona quad-core 50% faster than Intel's quad-core Xeon

Following last week's sobering financial news, AMD today provided some news that may calm down worried analysts and investors. There are lots of question marks surrounding AMD's first quad-core CPU, the Barcelona server/workstation processor. How fast will it be and - most importantly - will it be able to outpace Intel's quad-core Xeon 5300-series ("Clovertown") processors. It will, says AMD, and in fact upgraded its performance expectations.

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snoop_dizzle4200d ago

and it will probably be cheaper than the intel processor just like amd tradition.

kewlkat0074200d ago

Don't you just love competition..

I gotta say Intel's Dual-Core wipes an thing AMD has to offer right now though. This is good news, it will keep prices coming down.

Garrison4200d ago

You say that and something just makes me have a huge smile on my face... cheap processors ftw.

Rybnik4200d ago

This is very good news! yikes, the performance war

ITR4199d ago

I know you can get 8 core Xeons now in Mac Pro's.

I think Intel is just going to keep adding cores.

DEIx15x84199d ago

Intel only offers solo, dual, and quad. Apple likes to offer dual processors. They have been doing it since before people were thinking about cores and continue to. The 8 core Mac Pro is just a Mac Pro with two Intel quad core processors.

gta_cb4199d ago

good good, soon as though i like AMD and NOT Intel this is very good news, AMD!! yay! lol