techPowerUp: Sapphire HD 4730 512 MB Review

techPowerUp writes: "AMD's new 40-nm Radeon HD 4770 was a great success, maybe more successful than many people expected. Together with the limited availability due to yield problems at TSMC there were very few HD 4770 cards available on the market and those sold quickly. To counter this shortage, AMD has created the HD 4730 SKU. It is based on the RV770 which powers the HD 48xx Series, yet is heavily reduced in features. For example the number of shaders has been lowered to 640 (like on the HD 4830)."


* Great price/performance
* Fast enough to play all current games at decent settings
* Native HDMI output


* High power consumption
* Noisy
* Voltage control circuitry does not support software control
* Two 6-pin power connectors required
* No support for CUDA / PhysX

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