Darkest Of Days: Will Screwing With Space-Time Be Fun?


"The game's catch-cry is: "Get ready to screw with the space-time continuum on September 8, 2009", which sounds pretty good to me...

So will this game be fun?

There is certainly a huge potential there for success and I certainly am interested in seeing what the game offers. The primary issue I'm concerned with is that there is enough atmosphere in each time period to make you feel immersed and that it is more than just another shooter with historic window dressing, especially if you are mostly re-enacting historic battles. Will you really feel like you are in another time, or will there just be different weapons and enemies?"

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darkmurder3474d ago

In theory it may work but chances are it will fail, how do they intend on redoing combat for many different time periods?

Cajun Chicken3474d ago

Hey, this sound freaking cool! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Superfragilistic3472d ago

Yeah thanks for posting this. Sounds interesting and reasonably unique.

gaminoz3474d ago

Time travel...yay! Machine gun vs. swords!

Isn't that Highlander game doing the Pompeii eruption too?

XboxOZ3603474d ago

Sounds really cool actually, having to make sure history does its best, or suffer the consequences etc.

This is a buyer for me, even though it may look or sound 'odd', these are the things I like in games - for me.

allegionary3474d ago

It will be awesome to fight against hordes of knights or other historical enemies. Even with a machine gun that's got to be challenging. Can't wait for the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.