Hacker: The Conduit is "virtually unprotected," bans are likely

In this interview of sorts with hacker "hetoan2," a person behind cheats released for The Conduit that gravely affects online play, he reveals that The Conduit was "virtually unprotected." The codes the hacker released causes cheaters' save files to become corrupted.

As he reveals, the only solution is for High Voltage to scan for cheaters, and send requests to Nintendo to ban their Wii console's MAC addresses... permanently from Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection.

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aepex3474d ago

It doesn't make very much sense why High Voltage would decide to leave out even basic anti-cheating checks for online play... they should have known that a highly competitive game like The Conduit would be a prime target for cheaters to try and get an upper hand in.

Meryl3474d ago

this kinda stuff makes u worry about how much more these hackers can achieve

Frnicatr3474d ago

This is why you make a game like this for PS3 or 360.

ChickeyCantor3474d ago

So every game is made for the PS3/360 due the anti-cheat system?

mcgrawgamer3474d ago

it's a little harder to get away with stuff like this on the ps3 and 360 with both company certifying games before release. I can think back to the [email protected] glitch that was patched quickly. l4d, halo 3, killzone 2, resistance all these games are patched and updated to improve performance and hinder hackers/cheaters/glicthers. with nintendo's weak online presence how many "updates" do you think the conduit is gonna get?

HV had to work with nintendo's weak online functionality and unfortunately a few nintendo consumers where ahead of the ball more so than either company was.

ChickeyCantor3474d ago

yeah sure, but thats not a reason to not make it for the system at all.

Tarasque3474d ago

Who cares the games is a turd anyways.....And BTW the mod's are tools on this site.

SKUD3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I find it more interesting that someone actually took the time to crack a wii game. Must of been a slow day in the hacking community.

Pillville3474d ago

the wii is one of the most hacked systems i've seen. modchips, homebrew channel, emulators, using the controllers in windows, etc...

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