Media Create Top Ten Software Sales for 7/6 – 7/12

Examiner: "Dragon Quest blew every other software out of the water on its first week in Japan with 2,319,000 copies sold."

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RememberThe3573599d ago

Square would support the consoles the way they support the handhelds... I want another Dragon Quest on the consoles. DQ8 was so damn fun.

RememberThe3573599d ago

Wait... I don't like the Wii :(

My dreams are crushed!

testerg353599d ago

Man.. its just sick how Nintendo dominates the sales charts!

dericb113599d ago

Kind of but not really that bad. Those sales numbers make you wonder what FF:13 is going to do. Will it match that or go even higher. I won't guess but I know it will be really high.

SprSynJn3599d ago

It will be big of course, but not that popular. I am predicting more than 1 million in it's first week of course. People here are crazy over handhelds and Dragon Quest. While Final Fantasy can be compared in popularity, consoles cannot match handhelds in the same aspect.

RockmanII73599d ago

September 22 can't get here soon enough

celldomceen13599d ago

No surprise here, we all knew DQ would own.

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