Apple demanded Microsoft to stop its Laptop Hunters ads

Apple may have publicly responded to Microsoft's Laptop Hunters ads with a counterpunch of its own back in May, but it looks like it may have been singing a slightly different tune behind the scenes more recently, at least according to Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner.

Speaking at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference earlier today, Turner said that he knows the ads are working because "two weeks ago we got a call from the Apple legal department saying..

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Blaze9293597d ago

Apple Apple Apple. *sigh*

Microsoft was clever with the idea behind these ads, the prices for Macs are ridiculous.

N4PS3G3597d ago

I have a macbook pro and even i admit the prices are ridiculous

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

lol, yeah apple really needs to start thinking in a practical manner regarding price/config.

apple: pleez, mr gates, stop pointing out that were overpriced with your commercials!!! pleeeeeeeez!!!

gates: ok, you more commercials. ....well just open windows stores next to your apple stores and do it in person.


RememberThe3573597d ago

They can dish it out, but they can't seem to take it.

One of the things I don't like about Apple is that they act like they are doing us a favor buy selling us their crap. I'd rather buy a Vaio lol.

brianleppez3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

For those who can buy them. The same applies with the PS3.
But Apple started pointing out in their ads all the little weaknesses the PCs have. And now Microsoft is pointing out just ONE weak point for MACs, which is the price and is already causing attention. And what I love about the commercial is that Microsoft seems to embrace the "I'm a PC" slogan, pointing out that there's nothing wrong with it.

Props to Microsoft, though I don't always agree with their decisions, these ads are just brilliant.


with these two american behemoths battling it out, apple will most likely drop their prices and micro will most likely fix their shortcomings.

Blaze9293597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

lol you know, funny that you mention the ps3 as an equivalent to macs. Microsoft should start a new ad campaign giving people $200 asking them to go find a current gen console to buy. Not a bad idea actually...

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EpsilonTeam3597d ago

Agreed. Why do we keep (and most people) buying them then?

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Thugbot1873597d ago

I guess it's ok for Apple to run ads against MS but not for MS to run ads against Apple.

Boob3597d ago

Obviously you don't get it. He brought up Sony's PS3 in an article about Apple and Microsoft. Completely irrelevant and has absolutely no bearing on this article. He obviously is in the wrong place.

evrfighter3597d ago


are you lost or something? Unless those craptastic games could be played on a pc or a mac gtfo wrong section...


MEsoJD3597d ago

After all those stupid hey I'm a PC and I'm a Mac ads, Microsoft finally got something to counter and now Apples b1tching about it.

^_^Paybacks a B1tch^_^

FamilyGuy3597d ago

WTF? I havn't seen these commercials until now, that was fvckin epic.
Apple can't stop them from running those just like coke can't stop pepsi.

And in all fairness, it's true. Macs are more expensive.

derseb3597d ago

i think the prices are ok.

you have to take the software into consideration. if you buy a windows machine with the capabilities of the iLife software and so forth, you clearly have to pay more than for the mac.

also, try to find a desktop machine like the imac (size) at dell or another store. you will see they cost almost 1000$ more.

Tony999Montana3597d ago

.. Your all acting like it makes apple look bad.

Have any of you ran a successful business. In a competitive market such as theirs everyone is going to try to gain the upperhand. If Apple can legally make a stand a against an anti-apple advert then what would you expect them to do? It seems that you would rather let Microsoft ignore the law and apple bury their own grave.

Tarasque3597d ago

"One of the things I don't like about Apple is that they act like they are doing us a favor buy selling us their crap. I'd rather buy a Vaio lol."

I understand there is Sony fanboys but....but...You are kidding right? Surely that lol at the end was sarcasm. Vaio laptops are the highest overpriced turds on the market. Sony's mid level camera's and game machines are great, tv's not too bad but pricey. But the computers are junk.

MikeGdaGod3597d ago

i got the new macbook pro and it was overpriced IMO, but i can afford it.

after having it for a few months now, i really like it and i doubt i'll ever go back to pc, especially with me having VMware Fusion on it. i got the best of both worlds.

Tito Jackson3597d ago

cry me a river, build me a bridge, and then get the f*ck over it.

raztad3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Apple laptops are way overpriced. I got a high end Sony Vaio including BD playback/burner and it cost me much less than the roughly equivalent MacBookPro with only DVD playback/burner.

lokiroo4203597d ago

Apple is a bunch of biatches,M$ needs to keep showing off those sony laptops, lmao.

kewlkat0073597d ago

I mean I like to buy new toys and such but it's not like it's going to be my main machine so why spend so much money on it?

I'm sure apple can find all sorts of reason to justify it's huge profit margins...but MS did what they had to do. Only the matter of time.

Don't you love capitalism/competition...

f7897903597d ago

After your I'm a mac and I'm a pc ads, why wouldn't Microsoft counter?

njr3597d ago

Macbooks are good, I just don't understand the reasoning behind the price. Seriously, they shouldn't charge that much for style.

Lifendz3597d ago

It's a Mac book pro and even with the education discount it was almost double what I would've paid for a PC. The only reason I went with a Mac is because almost everyone I know that has one has had no problems with it and I'm pretty sick of the blue screen of death.

But on topic: I thought the MS ads were genius. Apple wants to portray Windows owners and chubby nerds while Mac owners are slim young people so why can't MS fight back by showcasing it's biggest advantage over a Mac: the price.

In a way, this situation between MS and Apple is very similiar to the one with MS and Sony. Price is a big advantage to the average person.

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shovelbum3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

The ads are just fine. I'm a recent (under 2 years) Mac convert and while I mostly love the product, it is overpriced like all Apple merchandise. However you get what you pay for with them. No issues whatsoever since I gave my Dell laptop to my daughter and picked up a Macbook Pro for me and an iMac for the den. Same complaints with my iPhones (4 total for family). We love them but it's a steep price to pay initially and monthly but it's definitely worth it.

Kakkoii3597d ago


You mean the weakness's that both Mac's and PC's actually have, but Apple skews to try and make it look like it's only a PC problem? Or the problems that are only a result of PC's being a huge install base, while Mac's install base is still quite small.

Mac's are like designer handbag's, the handbag's are made in cheap foreign factories just like cheap handbags, but the label on it makes it oh soo expensive :P.

cherrypie3597d ago

I think everyone agrees, Apple is a high-priced fashion brand.

Nothing more.

If you want unix, get LINUX or run FreeBSD -- after all, OSX is merely a FreeBSD fork.

It never ceases to amaze me why people pay $130 every 14-16 months for a service pack for their over-priced hardware. Absolute suckers.

kunit22c3596d ago

Macs are expensive but they are really good and dont have near as many viruses, I would choose Apple's Mac over Microsoft's Windows anyday.

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LordMarius3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

My favorite ad was the Sony Vaio one ;)

QuantumWake3597d ago

Wait their were Sony Vaio ones? Whats weird is I noticed that they were all HP laptops. I find those commercials pretty amusing at times. Especially the first one where the kid is searching for a gaming laptop and he says "BLURAYYYYYY". I guess Apple hates the commercials because they all see those people skipping the mac laptops or they hear them say something bad about it.

dericb113597d ago

So QuantumWake instead of looking to see if he was lying you just disagreed. Research cause some people don't lie about what they have seen. And yes here is a link to the "Viao" ad he was speaking of.

LCF3597d ago

So funny that has Sony plastered all over it. Without the audio it seemed more like a Vaio commercial.

QuantumWake3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Ummmm, I did not disagree with him. But I do feel stupid that I did not notice it was a Sony Vaio even though he provided a link. I kinna get ahead of myself sometimes. *Facepalm*

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I like lauren and sue,

simply becus the daughter is blond and hot.

Charlie_Shene3597d ago

haha dumb kid if you want a gaming PC get a desktop

evrfighter3597d ago

you guys are fooling yourselves if you think M$ loathes Sony.

It's just a petty competition between M$ and Sony.

Apple and M$ on the other is what business rivalry is all about.

TheAntiFanboy3597d ago

Decently powerful and capable gaming laptops do exist, and at prices even lower than that Sony Vaio that he bought.


It's not a monster, but it's still a beast. It's powerful enough for a great gaming experience, while portable enough for school and work.

I also have a laptop that's got 9800M GTX SLi. Two cards in a laptop.

Notebooks make great gaming machines. Looks like the stupid kid is you.

STONEY43597d ago

Laptops overheat quickly though. When I play games, my laptop gets pretty hot, even though my 8800 runs the games pretty damn smooth.

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ZombieAutopsy3597d ago

can Apple be upset, didnt they start the commercials pretty much putting down PC's...i know they didnt directly put down microsoft but lets face it they were.

N4PS3G3597d ago all started with the " I'm a mac & I'm a PC " commercials

Apple should stop b!tching and take it like a man

sunil3597d ago

well... its only wrong if somebody does it back to you :)

Leathersoup3597d ago

Actually they did put down Microsoft directly... If you'll recall the commercial where the PC has to constantly say yes with the Vista security system?

Ellessdee3597d ago

i have doubts as to wether they are "completely unscripted"

maybe partially. im sure they are at least directing them around, showing them what to look at, giving them a few key words you use in their comments, sheit like that.

just sayin... 0_o

Blaze9293597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

of course its scripted, come on now. Who takes $1000 to go buy a laptop. Shoooot, give me $1000, I'm not buying no laptop lol, I'll be headed straight for the TVs. Hell, give me $1000 and ask me what to buy I'd take the money and run.

Mr Remington3597d ago

It really is completely unscripted.

I'm just curious as to why they only buy laptops.
None of them are even looking for a netbook, that would completely blow Macs out of the water.

These commercials just make me want to go to Best Buy to see if I can get a free computer.

f7897903597d ago

What kind of mom and son say "Bluray!" at the same time. IT'S FOR A FRICKIN KID! HE DOESN'T NEED BLURAY! Hell not even I need Bluray on a laptop.

DuneBuggy3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

If its true,it does seem kind of whiny of Apple.
But I dont care for the company anyway.No "I" anything in my possesion.
My laptop cost me about a grand (come to think of it,it was like $800-$900).I couldnt help but notice in the store at the time that the Apples ones started almost twice that.