Halo 3 Legendary Edition - $63.99 (51% Off) w/ Free Shipping

GamerDeals writes:

"Grab Halo 3: Legendary Edition for $63.99 (51% off) w/ free shipping over at Amazon."

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kaveti66163598d ago

Isn't 10 million copies enough? Geez.

Eiffel3598d ago

Enough is never enough.

Montrealien3598d ago

I go this for 29.99! cnd! I would of never gotten is at 150$ lol

I just like having good ole master chief's head in my computer room.

RockmanII73598d ago

I would get it if I had too much money

Syronicus3598d ago

Why would somebody buy this now when you can get the game used for a third the price? Is that helmet that cool?

jay23598d ago

I'd hoped that mine would be worth a lot more by now.

Eiffel3598d ago

Give it enough time. In a few years you could put that on ebay for a low price and watch the money roll in as bids go sky high.

Montrealien3598d ago

the problem is MS made a crap load of them. I still have about 20 of the limited editions left over from our launch event.

ThatStankyDrank3598d ago

if you look around you can find this edition of the game for cheap $25-$60
anyone else notice that the word "cheap" looks weird and stupid

crck3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I remember back before Halo 3 launched MS said the Legendary Edition was on pace to sell out to preorders. What a bunch of BS. But its nice to know most people weren't stupid enough to shell out $70 more for a plastic cat helmet.

These so called collector's editions are for dummies. You can usually buy it a year later for half the price or less.

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