Gametrailer's Demon's Souls Import Preview

Demon's Souls Import Preview

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MGOelite3601d ago

this looks like such an amazing game, i like that if you die you can randomly jump into someones elses story mode and claim your soul back if you kill them

zeph943601d ago

I'm deciding if I should import this with the really fast shipping for $75....hmmm or wait (but then I have school when the comes out..

JasonBloodbourne3600d ago

this game is top of my list! just otta find the cash to import to the UK. Shame europe isn't getting it yet! it looks amazing

Omega Archetype3600d ago

I'm excited for this game. I've got it pre-ordered and I can't wait for October.

I've heard nothing but good things for this game and so I'm anxious to try it myself.

Socomer 19793600d ago

If i were to import this game, will it have english voice or subtitles?

Omega Archetype3600d ago

Yes, it will have English voice acting, subtitles and long as it's this one:

If you would have watched the video, it would have answered you since the preview in the video is of the Asian version (the one with English voice, subtitles, text etc.)