Xbox 360 Elite already in short supply at EBgames & Gamestop stores's Gamestop contact has just provided them with new information on their Xbox 360 Elite launch this weekend.

In an intercompany memo sent to their retail locations, EBgames / Gamestop management has alerted their store managers that the Xbox 360 Elite will be in short supply when it launches this weekend. On average, each store is receiving between 6 - 10 systems for Sunday's launch, with larger allotments being sent to stores with heavier foot traffic as well as the company's flagship stores.

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ITR4194d ago

Sounds good for MS.
This should spike HD sales next week.

Our Target and Wal-Mart are already sold out. They sold them over last week apparently.

shotty4194d ago

BestBuy (Canada) and Futureshop got some more but futureshop is sold out but bestbuy has 24 left as of now.

snoop_dizzle4194d ago

they should've released this in a special bundle with halo 3 at launch.
That would probably be the best time to sell it.

decapitator4194d ago

Yup this is going well for Microsoft. Hope the demand is going to keep rising though.

Marceles4194d ago

The article is saying the stores are under-supplied, not that they're selling so much that it's hard to get one in stores. I don't think they are lacking in hardware, they're probably testing the demand of the new system to see if all 6-10 systems sell out in every store...which is a smart move on their part.

nice_cuppa4194d ago

that sounds like you contradicted yourself !

looks like the fanboys were wrong again and nobody cares about what the elite (3l33t is stupid !) doesn't do and are buying it up !

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The story is too old to be commented.