Game Podunk: "Mata Hari: Betrayal Is Only A Kiss Away" Preview

Mata Hari: Betrayal Is Only A Kiss Away, a point-and-click PC adventure game by German developer dtp entertainment, should arrive stateside in the near future. The game is loosely based on a Dutch exotic dancer of the same name, who is able to use her charm and connections with powerful men to serve as a spy in the years leading up to World War I.

Playing as Mata Hari, players will be immersed in an exciting, well-crafted story filled with both colorful historical and fictional characters. Among the famous real-life personages included: Anthony Fokker, the famous airplane manufacturer, the wealthy diplomat Emil Jellinek (whose daughter Mercedes became the namesake for Daimler's prestigious automobile), and Marie Curie, the Nobel laureate scientist whose pioneering work with Radium started a new era in science.

Throughout the game, players will have to make choices that will lead them down different paths. Additionally, what skills you choose to develop, along with what directions you select will yield various different endings: a welcome inclusion for a genre often plagued by linearity and limited replayibility.

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rrquinta3601d ago

It's nice to see a point-and-click with an interesting story and the ability to have multiple endings. Definitely will look into this one :D.

skygear753601d ago

This game definately looks different and unique.