TGR: Saw Hands-On Preview "Surprisingly Pleasant"

Confession time: I have seen every Saw movie. While some might view this as a form of self-torture, I must admit that they haven't all been as bad as some would think. In fact, the Rube Goldberg-like torture mechanisms--as well as the horrifically bad acting from the always D-list cast--have provided worthwhile entertainment over the past five flicks. This year, Konami will release a video game set in the Saw universe, and I was left in a state of shock after playing it. It wasn't the gore that jarred me, nor was it the sadistic elements that I had just witnessed. What truly surprised me about Saw was that the game was actually good.

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SlamVanderhuge3596d ago

Cant believe how solid this game looks. I expected it to be crap!

iTZKooPA3596d ago

It's incredibly boring between the puzzles. The dev should have skipped the intermission altogether or tried to come up with creative stuff to do between the heart-pounding moments. I do agree that it was more fun than I expected, but the challenges are more fitting on a Wii Remote than spamming X on a 360 controller. Hell, be awesome on Natal as well.

ia_studio3596d ago

As a saw fan I'm utterly pleased.

Haly3596d ago

Really hope this game's good, it's certainly got the potential to be.

Gamer_Politics3596d ago

Konami already failed with Silent Hill last year now they wanna milk this movie franchise for its name..

mr durand pierre3596d ago

It looks like a really violent Zack & Wiki. I'm sure the story will be crap and the third-person combat looks the same, but the devious puzzles lend themselves well to a videogame.