Gameplay Monthly: Overlord II Review

Gameplay Monthly writes: "Despite all the muck raking I did, I have to say, this game was enjoyable. Sure, there are places where it could have been better, and places where the game needs to be patched, which is becoming a big problem in modern games, but then, this stuff is always happening like that, and you have to ask yourself, did you have fun, and you know what? I did. I loved the minions, I loved my mistress. I still want Gnarl to die, preferably in something pointy, but that's what I think I'm supposed to feel to the bossy little, power hungry imp. All in all though, this game is worth at least a rental, if not an outright buy, and considering the route its predecessor went, I think we can look forward to a few good storyline extensions, and hopefully some more features, namely a dash or teleport feature".

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