GamesRadar: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Preview

GamesRadar writes: "It's hard to ignore the Gothic beauty of those visuals, and the 'Vania fanboy inside us is purring at the chance to face off against werewolves while the rain lashes down and forks of lightning rend the night sky asunder. Still, recent history has filled us with a sense of foreboding; after all, if Konami themselves can't push the saga forward, how can Mercury Steam possibly hope to succeed...? We await with interest. And fear".

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Chris3993597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Possibly of this gen. Have we all seen the trailer yet? Such spectacular direction, visuals and voice-acting. And that's just the damned trailer!!!

coolirisGB3597d ago

This game was overlooked at E3 the trailer showed impressive gameplay and visuals.

Gamer_Politics3597d ago

i'm not buying this crap why did they change around the castlevania series into this random none sense...

sinny3597d ago

Im sure this game will be a good game but not worth of the castlevania name. Castlevania is not a mindless action game, since the guys of mercury steam said at meristation that the game was action oriented and that it wouldn't have all the exploration elements of the saga im listing this as another failure of this spanish devs ( Jericho and Scrapland were bad )

CobraKai3597d ago

The animation in Symphony of the Night was out of this world and that was on the PS1. I'd like to see a hand drawn 2-d Castlevania using the power of the PS360.