TripleChat Game Night: Battlefield 1943

TripleChat Community Game Nights are nights set up to gaming with the community. Playing multiplayer games in a fun and entertaining community makes a difference when playing a game. So what not do it with people you can get to know and hang out with. Try out our Community Game Nights!

We storm the battlefields of Battlefield 1943 this time around. TripleChat will be hosting the Game Night on Thursday, July 16th starting at 5PM EST (2PM PST :: 9:00PM GMT) for a span of up to four hours, if not more depending on demand to play.

All information regarding the event is posted on our homepage. If interested to join in some BF1943 fun, hit the jump and find out what we have in store.

And don't forget to read our propaganda speeches to pump you up for the action!

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