How To Stuff A Wii Nunchuk Into A Fishing Rod

Kotaku writes: "You can stick a Wii remote in a guitar shell, a golf club, and, yes, even in the past, a fishing rod. But the way I saw it done today was extra clever."

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RedDeadLB3595d ago

Pointless, but funny none the less

Wonderfulwest3595d ago

at first i thought you what then i read the post and i saw what it really ment. lol well it was only a matter of time, they have most other sport parts on the wii now

Ziriux3595d ago

You could attach the wii mote and nun chuck to anything and make it an accessory lol.

WengYong3595d ago

lmao I wanna try that out now hahahaha.

Ziriux3595d ago

Well, you'd only be able to play it with one game. Zelda's mini fishing game.

lilbudman3595d ago

i want one of those for my wii. that would be awesome.

Ziriux3595d ago

No you don't. I mean you can make any accessory if you put your time into it.