Pachter's Podium: Apple's Gaming Console, Wii Sports Resort to Dominate '09 and More

IndustryGamers: Welcome to Pachter's Podium #2.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time once again for Pachter's Podium. Last month we kicked off this column with a special apology from the analyst about his comments on PSP Go. Each month we'll be sending him a set of five questions to answer, and of course we always welcome your questions as well.

In this edition, Pachter dives into discussion about Apple launching a gaming console, whether Nintendo really needs to drop the price on Wii, the state of third-party exclusives, the future of PC gaming, and Wii Sports Resort as the top selling game of 2009.

Dig in and enjoy!

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Nineball21123595d ago

Ppl give Patcher a lot of grief (and maybe rightly so) but everything he mentioned in that article, I agree with.

It all makes sense to me and it seemed very level headed.