UK & Ireland the first to get Commodore gaming PCs

At 4pm today Commodore Gaming will open the virtual doors to their online store ( for the UK and Ireland, offering gamers in these countries the privilege to be amongst the first in the world to own one of the unique Commodore Gaming PCs.

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mattius19894199d ago

is it just me or are this gaming rigs really expensive? Couldnt you build one just like it for about £1500? Im not sure but seems a bit steep?

gta_cb4199d ago

£2,899.00! :O thats well over the top isnt it?! i mean its not like we need all the stuff in the PC what there offering, also i reckon i could make one near or completely the same spec (without the custom make cases) for less (with me putting it together myself) ...

with these specs i wounder what the vista scoring thing would give it... prob over ten or something lol

Biphter4198d ago

When I were a lad, that was the name of a cack C64 Games System (GS) that took game carts. OOOO how the times change.

Bullseye4198d ago

they have overlooked one major hurdle to success. Most gamers who want a rig of this quality are hardcore and therefore generally, know how to build their own m/c to their own spec and cheaper.Shame really as i have great affection for my old commodore kit.