Shenmue 3 will not work on current generation of consoles

Ahmad Dajani from said "The first reason is the development cost of shenmue was 70 million dollars as it was mentioned by yu suzuki, and if he want to make the game on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 or the Wii it will cost more than that and it will be a very risky decision for Sega".

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immortal843602d ago

And to see how this incredible saga will end.

Gamer_Politics3602d ago

man i hope we finally end this series but doubt it because the Shenmue series didnt really do good saleswise...:(

mastiffchild3602d ago

I don't think we fans of the series ever really got just how few of us played the games tbh. I'm pretty surprised we even got number two after what happened with the first and I think Sega were bitten way too hard to risk it again-prolly reminds many people there of killing them as a console maker too!

Not so sure that it would have to be as relatively expensive these days with sand boxes all the rage as surely there has to be some shortcuts they might use?Otherwise, given the cost of Shenmue2 games as vast as GTA4 would be amazingly prohibitive costs wise, no?

Whatever, we don't look like even getting Yakuza3 in the west let alone Shenmue3 any time soon.

immortal843602d ago

average games now cost between 10-20 million dollars, and gta4 development cost more than 100 million dollars, so sega must to make sure the project will make some profit.

iamtehpwn3602d ago

Shenmue invested in completely new technology and had Graphics beyond anything in neighboring existence at the time.

Shenmue 3's technology however, would require a majority of technology already available and made main stream by developers professional and Independent alike.

The original however, featured voice sinking and a dynamic world in complete 3d, these features at the time, Were very mind blowing and new.

Shenmue 3 is more of a question of when then if.

Gamer_Politics3602d ago

yeah thats true all that tech is now old and very cheap so Sega could bring us Shenmue 3 after all....

RememberThe3573602d ago

It would have sold much better.

immortal843602d ago

gta 4 used a new technology (rage engine) and the game delayed multiple times and it cost rockstar games a lot of money.
yu suzuki is a perfectionist and he will not use a middle ware engine to power shenmue. would you buy shenmue if they make it using unreal engine 3?

iamtehpwn3602d ago

LOL. Good point. However, I do not believe it would cost as much to produce a new Shenmue, still though.

While GTA4 did use a lot of new technology and money to be spent excessively, Shenmue 3 still shouldn't cost $70 million like it did at the time.

To be honest, Budget is all relative to the time distribution and Software Libraries licensed, team size. So If Suzukiさん keeps this in mind, it can all be done.

Greywulf3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I doubt they could pull off much better than Uncharted2/Killzone2/MGS4/Last Guardian/GT5..I mean theres a trend where developers go to really exercise their technical talent. The engines are already in place, and Uncharted2 is open source. The networks are there to cut down on development costs.

3 choices:

1. They can go to Sony and get in their dev chain, make a phenomenal never before seen title.

2. They can go to Microsoft learn from Remedy how to make a sandbox....uh nev.. they can use a middleware engine.

3. Multiplatform UnrealEngine/mehengine something and just get sales.. but why bother.. just make a Wii Game and sell more than it would have at less cost.

I doubt shenmue would sell in a world of 150 dollar MW2 special edition bags.. maybe they could just make a movie?

INehalemEXI3602d ago

If they can do Gangstermue 3(Yakuza 3) they can do Shenmue 3.

jivah3602d ago


srry man but dat was a bad joke...Gangstermue3? seriously?

/target /yuck

damnit y wont mah dk do a /yuck emote

FarEastOrient3602d ago

The PS3 version should come as a trilogy on the same disc and hands down that thing will sell!

Seferoth753601d ago

Hands down it will sell? Sure but not enough to make any money. I mean you are talking about a console with a lower attach rate than Wii and the lowest software sales of ANY current system on the market. Their best bet is to stay far away from PS3.

DaTruth3601d ago

Your avatar looks like your comment!

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Roper3163602d ago

i'm not to happy with Sega right now so I could careless about them or anything they have to say. Maybe they should put this on the PSP to aholes!!!

mcgrawgamer3602d ago

poor poor business decisions. Because of them I'll never be able to fully finish the fight and avenge my fathers death (in the game that is)

biloz3602d ago

Man u remind me of was awesome but we really wanted to know the end of the story and everything - at that time - were leading to a very (coming soon) Shenmue 3 but suddenly it disappeared !!

i think u should add a 4th reason which is (( its already late for sega to do so )) if they wanted to take this move they should had do it long time ago :(

4cough3602d ago

Make it for the Dreamcast you sack, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

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