Super Paper Mario - Wii Review

A big part of why Paper Mario might leave you a bit cold is because of the awful pacing. After some of the best first levels –worlds 2-4 especially– in a long while, the game slams on the brakes dramatically. It's gaming whiplash in the purest form. Even the dialog, which becomes a major problem later on, is spot on during these beginning stages, churning out gold such as "You have earlobes of steel." or "I post on message boards about games I've never played!".

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SuperRik4288d ago

I found this review thourough and I'm glad I didn't almost spend $50 because I'm so annoyed at not having any decent wii games to play. Maybe I'll go buy one of those overpriced guitars instead....

Rybnik4288d ago

I agree, this is a well written article and although I had never heard of the site before I approve of the balanced style. Although I don't yet have a wii, this game was on my radar till I read this.

Mighty Boom4288d ago

I own the game and I have nothing bad to say about it. Its fun and entertaining especially if your a fan of SMB 1,2 and 3. Go rent it and give it a chance...

ITR4288d ago

The game had #1 sales last week and probably this week as well.
So I doubt that many folks could be wrong.

God of Gaming4288d ago

But to be fair, those with a wii have been waiting since launch for another "Good Game". Does not mean that in the end it would fall under the RENT category rather than buy.

Ayo the movie4288d ago

I agree with God of Gaming. Ive had my Wii since launch and the only games I have for it are Zelda and DBZ BT2. It seems like Ive been waiting forever for some more good games. Brawl and Galaxy anyone???

Mushu4264288d ago

First off if you rented the game and played it before buying the you sir or madam are a genius. But if you read this article and decide (goofy voice) "well, this guys says if sucks and he sure wrote a lot so he mus now what he's talk about. Garsh, I'm sure gald he has an opinion for me" the you sir or madam are and idiot. I never ever base any game of any review regardless of how wrote it before how cares if "they" don't like it. They didn't buy the dang thing and give it to me I did and thus I am the one that has to like. I hate it people do that its like that have sh!t for brains. I gues superik and rynbnik will be the same ones jumping off cliffs because they heard "everyone's doin it."