Western PS3 Tales of Vesperia Hinted At

Thanks to Kouli from the Official Tales of Forums, it appears that there might be a good chance Namco Bandai is planning for a localization of the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia. It includes numerous extras and changes, such as a brand new character, Patty Fleur, the addition of new bosses like the Sword Dancer, Flynn being playable for more that just one battle, among other changes. The game will also be fully voiced and will include new and altered scenes, such as Yuri fighting Don Whitehorse when the party visits Keiv Moc.

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mephman3603d ago

Definitely a strong signal.

Swiftfox3603d ago

Fair enough, so long as they include the origanal japanese voice over. In this day and age it should aways be an option.

callahan093603d ago

I agree the option is nice, but this game actually had some pretty good English voice acting. Particularly Yuri, the main character, who's voice you will recognize if you played Persona 4 (same actor who voice Kanji in that game).

ShawnCollier3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Considering the space on the blu-ray disc (and they got the original on a DVD), it wouldn't make sense if they didn't do it.

Only thing I could think of is licensing fees to have the Japanese voices, depending on how much it would cost the North American branch to get a hold of them.

EDIT: And yeah, Vesperia had a really nice dub for the English version. I was impressed, to say the least.

Lucreto3603d ago

I don't know why people want Japanese voice acting the voices are just as bad as some of the poor english voiceovers.

Swiftfox3603d ago

It's just a matter of personal preference is all. I personally like hearing the game as the director intended it. If you dub something you are in a way applying your own interpretation to the dialog even if it's word for word.

The emotions expressed, the subtleties all part of the directors person vision. Something is always lost in translation.

I know some don't like to read subtitles or the original voices grate on their nerves, but that's why an option would be best.

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Power_Of_Flops_3603d ago

Great news ! It seems it's coming to PS3 in English and with more features.

Moofey3602d ago

This is definitely a surprise to me. Who was it that said that the PS3 version wasn't going to get a US release?

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