Halo 3 to support True (not upscaled) 1080p at 60fps?

According to a story on the Xbox 360's flagship title Halo 3 will support true (not upscaled) 1080p at 60fps, after Microsoft issued an edict to developers Bungie that it must be the most technically advanced game available on the platform according to.

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eques judicii4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

if this were true, great... but i'm doubting the reliability of the information. There has been no word from any other source about the resolutions of Halo... and to make this story less credible they mentioned "halo 4" which there won't be... the next halo project is Halo Wars... then there is whatever Peter Jackson is working on...

also, peter moore has pointed to 2011 or 2012 as the timeframe for the next xbox... not 2010...

If this came from a site that didn't claim itself to be the "unofficial website" for playstation 3 i'll believe it.. even better would be If this came from the weekly update from bungie... The source is from "A source close to a Bungie insider" which could be true... or completely madeup (although, why they would make this up is beyond me)... I still think halo 3 will be in 720p in order to show details... but if they can get the same detail and still output 1080p... awesome.

Dukester1014198d ago

yeah, i dont buy into it much either. although it sounds nice... i doubt it will make 1080p native. although i'm prepared to eat my words...

InMyOpinion4198d ago

"after Microsoft issued an edict to developers Bungie that it must be the most technically advanced game available on the platform according to."

BS...Microsoft has aöways stated that 720p is the sweetspot. Only Sony representatives would say something like that. MS has left Bungie with free hands to do what they want with Halo 3, and wouldn't interfere like that.

T-Virus4198d ago

MS are throwing gold at Bungie to make sure it's good as possible.

Vfor54198d ago

But you see, id rather they use the power of the 360 for other things rather than 1080p. outputting it at 1080p uses a lot of system resources, and plus, i don't own a 1080p tv.

Boink4198d ago

don't care, for me halo was all about fun, it did look great graphically. but even if the graphics were a bit better than halo2, I would still be lined up at midhnight.

720p looks just fine, I see no reason for 1080p. and quite frankly barely notice a difference when I am playing games that have it.

iceice1234198d ago

Nothing noticable until you get into the larger tv, like 50in. As for this, would be nice. I only have 1080i but 60fps >.>

Extra Guy4198d ago

Naah you have to have a 60 or more, mine is 50 and the difference is neglegable.

Rybnik4198d ago

Someone dropped the ball on this, it should have been posted as a rumor, not a fact. Anyhow, I do hope its true, but I'm not holding my breath.

BIadestarX4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Wait a second... how is this possible? Didn't Sony fanboys say and keep saying that the 360 hardware can't push 1080p native? mmm... I wonder if microsoft invented to futuristic alien technology that allows them to implement 1080p native via firmware update that literaly generate some hardware components upon installation.
If this is true, I'm going to pull all those fanboys quotes an we are going to have some serious fun. It will prove many around here are not that much of a scientist as they think they are. They never worked on the design of the 360 or know in detail the component of the system and yet they are able to use their super vision to be able to tell what the console can do and can't due. 1080p means nothing to halo fans and to 360 owner in general. 720p is just fine. But it will be fun to reduce to nothing all those anti-xbox 360 does not have 1080p comments.

THAMMER14198d ago

Your classic home boy. Are you going to be in the beta?

gta_cb4198d ago

yeh bladester are you going to be on the demo, if so look for me as i kill you! hahahaha! :P

BIadestarX4198d ago

Gamer Tag BladestarX... it's on!