More Assassin's Creed 360 rumors

From : "Man these things are getting way too common, every week we hear another source claiming that Assassin's Creed is coming to Xbox 360. This time it's a French site called Xbox Gamer (Babelfish ftw) which states that a Ubisoft employee confirmed the Xbox 360 version of AC on the annual Interactive and Digital Entertainment Expo in Cannes. The strange thing about these rumors is that Ubisoft doesn't deny them although the official AC ">website only has a PS3 logo and the words 'Xbox 360' seem to be absent in all of the recent announcements.

It's highly likely that this is a the PS3 version of the deal Ubisoft had on the original Xbox with Splinter Cell which means that we'll probably see a 360 version a couple of months after the PS3 version hits, possibly with some extra content."

amrasmord6176d ago

go to there is no xbox or microsoft logo on the bottom, only a ps3 logo. plus, y would they announce it on a sh!tty xbox site? and not put it on the OFFICIAL site??

Bill Gates I Am6176d ago

Did you get lost on the way to the bathroom again? PS3 is the OTHER way!

TheMART6176d ago

For one or the other reason:

1. Sony is paying big bucks for a timed exclusive of some months. Which means Ubisoft may not speak about other versions. But after 4 or 6 months after PSZero's launch 360 will have it probably with extra downloadable content.

2. MS is telling Ubisoft to say nothing, so they can give Sony an extra blow announcing this game on X06 !!!

Imagine that. A few months for launch, it would kick the PSZero's ars for sure

MissAubrey6175d ago

you sony fanboys are so damn annoying!

ImTheNumber126176d ago

Aren't these the guys that made prince of persia? Why would they make it exclusive for PS3. Have they ever made an exclusive game. Oh and I really wonder about extra content though because both PS3 and 360 both will be selling content online.

Bishop6176d ago

Everyone says they heard from this person and that person but until I hear from Ubisoft themselves I won't believe it. Of course I have a 360 and I have reserved a PS3 and a Wii so it really wouldn't make much difference either way.

OutLaw6176d ago

Last I remember unless you are in europe and by according to your info your not I can't see how you reserved the systems and don't say Gamestop or EB because they're not taking orders yet.

BLACKSTYX6176d ago

they already announced this game for 360 back in X05. Only diff is that it was called project assassin back then. But you want to know something funny? Go to the main site the guy listed above, go to the forums, then go to everything we know so far. Its a sticky so you can't miss it. Scroll down in the first post and look at the contorls.
"- At this stage, the game uses five and the left control stick. The R trigger accelerates your movement, X is jump, Y is view mode, A is attack, and B is not known."

yup last time I checked ps3 was still using shapes.

TheMART6176d ago

Haha that's real funny. Using the letters on the 360 buttons instead of the PSZero shapes on their buttons. That could backup the theory that it was designed on a 360 devkit and ran on a 360 @ E3 2006

Cyclonus6175d ago

This is like the worst kept secret since Area 51.

Everybody knows its there, but no one will acknowledge it.

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