WorthPlaying: Dante's Inferno Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Video games are an evolving medium. It's impossible to deny that as more games come out, other games take inspiration from the titles that came before. Occasionally, there are games where the similarities are numerous enough to be notable, like Visceral Games' Dead Space and Resident Evil 4. I mention this because Visceral's newest game, Dante's Inferno, is incredibly similar to God of War. Everything, from the main character and combat mechanics to the visual style and overall themes feel so much like God of War that it may give players déjà vu. There is essentially no possible way to discuss this game without mentioning God of War, and likewise, there's no way to deny the similarities. Dante's Inferno's biggest challenge isn't just going to be making a good game. It is going to be making a game that's good enough to overcome the constant comparisons to God of War."

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himdeel3602d ago

...make would the comparison between it and RE4 as well as linking this game to GOW. I hope this Dante game is a Dead Space style quality homage (of sorts) to another game in the genre and hope it does well. I feel pretty certain it will sell well since it's a multiplat.

Unfortunately I probably won't ever purchase this game brand new :( or even used. I only recently purchased a used copy of Dead Space and it's more of what I felt RE5 should have been. But with this game probably not dropping in price a whole lot before the release of GOW3 and with so MUCH coming out this fall and early next year, it might not be more than just become a rental for me.