Spall: Xbox 720 and PS4 will be browser-based

The traditional console hardware cycle is broken – this we know. But veteran games developer Matt Spall yesterday went one further yesterday at the Develop Conference, claiming that we will never see another 'traditional' console coming to the market.??

Speaking of the rising importance of cloud computing, which was made all the more topical by David Perry's talk concerning his upcoming Gaikai cloud gaming tech, Spall echoed earlier sentiments that gaming hardware as we know is heading to extinction.

"I think the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii will be purely browser-based systems," he told the audience. "Things will change a great deal."

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qface643596d ago

someone tell this guy to stop hitting the pipe so hard

sure maybe it will happen one day but i can tell you right now it sure as heck isn't happening anytime soon

LightofDarkness3596d ago

Stupid indeed. If you were a multi-billion dollar company looking to drop a multi-billion dollar gaming platform into to the market, would you target:

A) People who have access to a broadband internet connection (not that many people worldwide for years to come)

B) People who have access to a wall-socket and a television (a MUCH MUCH larger demographic worldwide that's available right now)

I know which one I'd go for. Why snub potential customers who don't have high-speed web access?

Nineball21123596d ago

Yeah, I agree. The infrastructure just isn't where it needs to be right now...

Having said that... if these new "consoles" don't come out for another 5-6 years, maybe things will be much different, but I doubt it.

I think there will ALWAYS be a market for hardware that will play disc based games.

Tito Jackson3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

its ok buddy. No body understands your brilliance but me :)

*goes back to chanting and rocking back-and-forth in a dark corner*


"I think the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii will be purely browser-based systems,"---sure he means future xbox, ps, and nintendo consoles? because i'm pretty sure all 3 of the current systems play discs.

himdeel3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Wow it's really a slow news day isn't it. Anyway browser based consoles are already here but the laymen and my grandma calls them PCs

Mr.Mister3596d ago

wow so that mean that all game will play on pc? do you really think nintendo and sony would allow you to play there game over there there rival?!?

DeadlyFire3595d ago

PS5, Xbox 4, NES 7 maybe. not Xbox 720/PS4/NES6 era though. Too early.

Believe it or not most countries have federal plans for internet to jump up to 50-100 Mbps to every home in their country by 2016-2020. Including AUS, EU, USA, and well Japan already has that. So maybe not this upcoming generation, but the one after that it would be perfect for doing it. Either way the cloud based stuff would likely be added in a firmware update so older generations of consoles might be able to enjoy it as well with a little update.

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MysticStrummer3596d ago

I've noticed lately that people seem to be getting paid for making ridiculous predictions. This must be a growth industry. I wonder what sort of education is required, if any.

TruthbeTold3596d ago

If Google's browser takes off, it might be wise for the next Xbox to come with a new Windows browser. It may or may not pay off. But they'd be taking their own brand of risk like Sony has with DVD and Blu Ray. Doing such a thing could help keep their strangle hold on that market. And if Sony were to team with Google, then they'd pretty much have to do it.

EvilTwin3596d ago

The Chrome OS is going to be primarily aimed at netbooks, isn't it?

I don't imagine that an OS designed for tiny, underpowered laptops used at coffee shops is going to scare Microsoft regarding the X-Box.

As for the reality of online game already noted, it's started, but we're a LONG way off from being able to have current-gen titles that are easily downloadable and stored. It's the future, but the present is that the dominant console doesn't even support HD.

keysy4203595d ago

sony is going to support the ps3 for 10 to 15 years so if the ps4 come out and is only digital then the ps3 will still grow with people whop dont want digital or not ready for that yet

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